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300W Led Fresnel Spotlight In Church Project

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Christianity is an important part of people's Life. Therefore, as the main place for the spread of religious activities, most churches have a long history and are spread all over the cities and towns, becoming an important part of the city and town. Church is a place of spiritual comfort, due to people's desire for life and fear of death, in order to pursue rebirth after death, people often go to churches to seek psychological comfort, pray or repent. Preaching is the most important function of the church.In many churchs, every day, you can hear a pastor recite scripture, preach, and answer questions. Sometimes there are priests, religious teachers and elders who talk about their religion and the people in the audience can talk to them. 


Church is also a place where a wedding is held and witnessed. In many countries, people get married except register to government branch register, still can register to church register, have equal legal effect. When a man and a woman are married, most of them take place in a church.The church has a full - time pastor, choir and boy and girl company, not only solemn, serious, but also can add to the festive atmosphere.In addition, the couple invited relatives and friends to the church to attend the wedding, is also a powerful witness to their lifelong event.

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Church as an such important place in people’s life, so what kind of lights should be used in the Church? Of course that is the led fresnel spotlight from The One Studio. Led fresnel spotlight is one of our main products.Our products range includingled profile light, led fresnel spotlight,led soft panel light and led blinder light. Most of our lights used in church, stage, studio, theater and TV show. So our lights are popular with the company which make project for these places.

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One of our customer choose 300W led fresnel spotlight for the church project.

The whole church is in warm-toned. So our customer choose 300W led fresnel spotlight with Warm White. In fact except this project, many customers would like to choose this light for their project. Why our 300W led fresnel spotlight are so popular? Firstly, it is unique appearance, we developed the mold by ourselves not like other lights use the common molds. Secondly, it used improted led from Japan, color temperature stable and with high brightness. Led lifetime more than 50000 hours. Thirdly, it can made maunal zoom or auto zoom. For the church , auto zoom is a good choice. Because the lights need to be hang up. Just need to connect the DMX consoller that can control the lights.

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