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These are related to the led fresnel light news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in led fresnel light and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand led fresnel light market.
  • GET Show Guangzhou 2023
    GET Show Guangzhou 2023

    The One Studio attended GET SHOW as usual and we got a very happy ending of this show last week. Due to the Covid-19, the GET SHOW have postponed for many times and because of epidemic policy, many foreign customers have not came to China for the exhibitions for a long time. This year, the epidemic policy has been relaxed, so many foreign customers come to visit this show. Of course, many old and new customers to visit The One Studio’s stand and learn about our new products. It is precisely because the support from our old and new customers then we can get happy ending of this show.

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  • Factory fire drill --- The One Studio
    Factory fire drill --- The One Studio

    In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of construction workers, make production personnel familiar with how to use fire extinguishers, master the emergency response and escape skills for sudden fires, learn to extinguish fires and carry out personnel and financial evacuation in an orderly

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  • Wonderful Moments of The One Studio 2022 Annual Meeting
    Wonderful Moments of The One Studio 2022 Annual Meeting

    Nowadays, more and more companies hold annual meetings at the end of each year. The significance of the company's annual meeting is to summarize the company's development achievements in the past year, and to formulate the company's overall plan for the next year, including the overall plan, direction and goals in the new year. The holding of the annual meeting, in a certain sense, is conducive to deepening the friendship among employees, increasing the cohesion of employees, enriching the lives of employees, and thanking all employees for their hard work for the company within a year. The One Studio 2022 annual meeting have been successfully concluded. In the past year, The One Studio has experienced wind and rain, achieved brilliant results, and gained a lot. A group of people, with one mind, doing the same thing. Let's review the wonderful moments of The One Studio Annual Meeting.

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  • The One Studio was interviewed by the TV station
    The One Studio was interviewed by the TV station

    The much-anticipated World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. Not only the players on the field, but also the goods, services and manufacturing of various countries are competing here. As an "infrastructure madman" with a complete industrial chain, China has huge advantages in these projects.

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  • The One Studio Root For 2022 Qater World Cups
    The One Studio Root For 2022 Qater World Cups

    The World Cup is the dream stage of every football fan, and it is also the most coveted sacred glory in the field of football in various countries around the world. The World Cup is held every four years, and any FIFA can send a team to sign up for this event. The World Cup is the source and foundation of the development and popularization of football in the world, so it is also known as the "Cup of Life". The purpose of the World Cup is to carry forward and carry forward the "soccer spirit". In a broad sense, it is actually the same as any sports event such as the Olympic Games, which conveys a spirit of hard work and continuous struggle. For fans, it is a visual feast of peak duels, and for non-fans, they can also share passionate and magnificent performances again and again.

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  • New design -- 200W Fan-less Led Fresnel Light
    New design -- 200W Fan-less Led Fresnel Light

    The One Studio are focus on the led profile light, led fresnel light and led soft panel light. As a professional LED studio lighting manufacturer, we have been keeping up with the market demand and constantly launching new products. There have been 100w fan-less(no any noise) led fresnel light befor

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  • The One Studio Mid-Autumn Festival activities
    The One Studio Mid-Autumn Festival activities

    Corporate culture is an indispensable part of an enterprise. An excellent corporate culture can create a good corporate environment, improve the cultural quality and moral standards of employees, and allow employees to naturally form a cohesion, centripetal force and binding force, forming corporate development. An indispensable spiritual force can make the enterprise play a positive role, so that the enterprise resources can be reasonably allocated, thereby improving the competitiveness of the enterprise. A good corporate culture can drive the healthy development of the enterprise, mobilize the positive performance of employees, make work more enthusiastic, improve production efficiency, and improve the efficiency of the enterprise

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  • The One Studio New Showroom -- Part Two
    The One Studio New Showroom -- Part Two

    Before, we briefly introduced the layout of The One Studio exhibition hall and the display of corresponding products. Today we will introduce to you two other simulation scenarios. One is the lighting arrangement of the Conference hall, and the other is the lighting arrangement of the recording stud

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