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At present, THE ONE STUDIO Led studio & stage lights have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa and so on, which is more than 120 countries and regions. 

Here are some of our LED Studio & Stage Light and LED Ellipsoidal Light projects.

  • IP65 300W Full Colour LED Ellipsoidal Light Up Outdoor Landscape


    In the past we have introduced two projects which use our ip65 rated led leko spotlight, if you are our old customers, you must have read them. What do you think? Like them or not? Or you need more cases to persuade yourself to start a new sample order? This time, we will share everyone another late Read More

  • Zoom LED Profile Light For National Geographic Ultimate Explorer


    The led leko light are suit for any television studio, broadcast news, or live theatre project.With 4 pieces of shutter leaf produce very sharp edge, nice flat field. It also can project the amazing custom-made gobo effect. Read More

  • What are the characteristics of LED leko spotlight?


    LED leko spotlight is a very versatile lighting fixture. The zoom range of LED leko spotlight is 12 ~ 30 degrees / 25 ~ 50 degrees, and there are two different focal lengths to choose from. The focus can be changed manually. If you need lenses of different degrees, just replace the front tube. In addition, the shell of LED leko spotlight is made of high-quality fireproof aluminum die casting, with high-grade appearance, durability, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Read More

  • 600W Bi-color LED Fresnel Light For Gjeniu TV Show


    30 pieces TH-355 600W bi-color Fan less LED Fresnel Spot Light with IP65 wateproof grade of THE ONE STUDIO used for Gjeniu TV Show recently . Read More

  • The 4th China International Import EXPO (CIIE)


    As the world's first import-themed national-level exhibition, the CIIE is hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by the China International Import Expo Bureau and the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). It has been successf Read More

  • 300W LED Fresnel and Profile Light in Incheon Central Methodist Church


    300W LED Fresnel and Profile Light in Incheon Central Methodist Church Read More

  • 350W RGBW Fan-less LED Fresnel light in PengHu Performance Hall


    THE ONE STUDIO is professional to produce led profile spotlight, led fresnel light and led soft panel light, welocme to contact us and get more production details. Thank you. Read More

  • 60W mini led lights project in 2021 CIIE


    So happy that the layout of this China International Import Expo used The One Studio's 60w mini leko light and 60w mini fresnel light. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO. Read More

  • 300W RGBAL LED Fresnel in American Church


    Thanks to the soft light, big zooming scale adjustable, LED Fresnel spotlight is always one of the most popular LED lighting fixtures in church, no matter for church wedding or church religious activity. Today we would like to introduce a new church’s sanctuary project to everyone. Compared with the regular warm white 3200k or cold white 5600k, this time, client prefer our 300w full color, rgbal led fresnel spotlight with zoom. Read More

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  • The One Studio was interviewed by the TV station


    The much-anticipated World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. Not only the players on the field, but also the goods, services and manufacturing of various countries are competing here. As an "infrastructure madman" with a complete industrial chain, China has huge advantages in these projects. Read More

  • What is the adjustable color temperature led studio light?


    In fact, led studio lights are a part of stage lights, including par lights, mobile headlights, wall cleaning lights, studio lights, etc. Led studio lights also include LED profile spotlight, led Fresnel spotlight, LED soft panel light, LED flash, studio cob par light, etc. Studio lighting is essential to most photographers' arsenal. Read More

  • What are the color temperature functions of LED soft lights?


    LED soft light has two color temperatures: warm white and cold white. Warm white and cold white are measured on the Kelvin scale and represented by the letter "K". The warm white is about 3000K and the cold white is about 5000k-6000k. Warm white is a low color temperature with a very warm yellow tone. The warm white of LED soft light is very similar to the color temperature of the traditional incandescent bulb. On the other hand, cold white is a kind of high color temperature, which is a very bright and clean white light. The cold white of LED soft light is a color very similar to natural sunlight. Read More

  • THE ONE Newest LED Follow Spot Light Series


    The follow spot light is a high power spot lamp, which is composed of a convex lens and a light source. It is mainly used to highlight actors or other special effects, or to fill the light for actors when the stage is dark. The follow spot light can change different colors, and the follow spot light Read More

  • How to find a led video panel light supplier?


    Led panel light is a kind of lighting light, which aims to replace the traditional fluorescent ceiling light. led panel lights play an important role in scenes such as stage, studio, photography room and conference room and so on. High brightness, unique design, adjustable color temperature and full color. Only these functions can meet the needs of customers and market demand. The market demand is constantly changing, and only innovation can meet the demand. Read More

  • The One Studio Root For 2022 Qater World Cups


    The World Cup is the dream stage of every football fan, and it is also the most coveted sacred glory in the field of football in various countries around the world. The World Cup is held every four years, and any FIFA can send a team to sign up for this event. The World Cup is the source and foundation of the development and popularization of football in the world, so it is also known as the "Cup of Life". The purpose of the World Cup is to carry forward and carry forward the "soccer spirit". In a broad sense, it is actually the same as any sports event such as the Olympic Games, which conveys a spirit of hard work and continuous struggle. For fans, it is a visual feast of peak duels, and for non-fans, they can also share passionate and magnificent performances again and again. Read More

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