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At present, THE ONE STUDIO Led studio & stage lights have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa and so on, which is more than 120 countries and regions. 

Here are some of our LED Studio & Stage Light and LED Ellipsoidal Light projects.

  • Led Profile Light In American Church


    How time flies, the first half year of 2020 already gone. Some bad events happend in the half year, such as the coronavirus. Best wishes for the rest of the year. As we all known, there are many churches in American. People like to go to church to pray and confess, and also many people like to get married in church. So the church plays an important part in people’s life. Last month, one of our American customer choosed our led profile light for their church project. We can see from the picture, it is a big church and with a stage. Then the lights in the church must have long irradiation distance. So the customer choose our TH-348 300W RGBAL led profile lights. Read More

  • 300W Led Fresnel Spotlight In Church Project


    Christianity is an important part of people's Life. Therefore, as the main place for the spread of religious activities, most churches have a long history and are spread all over the cities and towns, becoming an important part of the city and town. Church is a place of spiritual comfort, Due to people's desire for life and fear of death, in order to pursue rebirth after death, people often go to churches to seek psychological comfort, pray or repent. Preaching is the most important function of the church.In many churchs, every day, you can hear a pastor recite scripture, preach, and answer questions. Sometimes there are priests, religious teachers and elders who talk about their religion and the people in the audience can talk to them. Read More

  • Led Ellipsoidal Light and Fresnel light for dance studio


    Do you like dancing? If yes,what kind of dance you like? Ballroom dance,Waltz,Cha-cha,Tango,or Rumba, which one is your favorite? For a good show, no matter what dance, beside a partner, a good site &field is very necessary. This time,our client have a dance studio lighting Project. Distinguished wi Read More

  • Led Ellipsoidal Light for Church Wedding


    It ’s been a long time since I updated the product project project. Have you missed the project of The One Studio? Today would like to share a new project Church Wedding with you. Church weddings have gradually become a new trend, and more and more people are beginning to prefer this solemn. Read More

  • 300W RGBAL Led Ellipsoidal Light in Russian Program


    Have you ever seen a interview programme program, whether it is a live or in television, with a good lighting that successfully impress you? As we know, a Program is not one-single-person job to make everything works just exactly like it should be. Read More

  • 20W Mini Leko in Russian Museum


    The Russian Museum has invested in 30PCS 20W MINI PROLIGHTS LED WW ellipsoidal and 10PC 20W PROLIGHTS LED Mini 2IN1 primarily for speciality lighting. This purchase is part of an initiative the Museum is activating to replace their halogen lighting with LED fixtures.Mini Leko Light is a compact LED Read More

  • Die-casting Aluminum Led Leko Light for Music Concert


    Now Film and television industry become more and more popular, in order to catch the film and television industry develpoment, lots of factory research and develop many kinds of led studio light, the same for The One Studio, The One Studio is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research manufacturing Read More

  • Mini Profile Light for Small Theatre


    The small size of the profile spotlights allows them to be used in any installations: theaters, assembly halls, exhibitions, museums, shopping halls, clubs, restaurants, and even in home interiors. Standard body color: black and white. Read More

  • Concert in America--Using 600W Die-casting Aluminum Led Profile Spotlight


    600W Die-casting Aluminum Led Profile Spotlight for Concert As the development of technology, led studio light also become more and more popular on the lighting market. In order to meet the needs of the market. The one studio develop several kinds led studio light, such as led leko profile spotlight Read More

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  • The Exhibitions The One Studio attended in 2020


    2020 was a special year for everyone, the same to The One Studio. Affected by the COVID-19, there were many exhibitions have to canceled or delayed, including Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2020. So, no matter the online exhibitions or the offline events, we always did the best and keep forward always. No Read More

  • How to select the basic lighting for stage


    In the process of stage performance, it is necessary to set off the effect of the performance through the continuous changes of various lights. So it can be seen that lighting equipment is an essential part of the stage performance. Throughout the development process, we can see that the stage lighting has also been greatly improved, from the initial torch to the current computer light. How to choose some basic stage lighting? Read More

  • Application of color temperature and distance in stage lighting


    Stage lighting design definitely does not mean that you can turn on the controller or turn on the switch. A good lighting engineer is not only a technician, but more importantly, he is also an artist. Read More

  • What is the best effect of led fresnel spotlight?


    Namephoto introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo intro Read More

  • What is the DMX channel of LED Profile Spotlight?


    What is the DMX channel of LED Profile Spotlight? Before we answer this question, we need to know some primary knowledge about led profile spotlight. Firstly, the led profile spotlight should install DMX control system; Without DMX control protocol, there will be no DMX channel for it, such as our m Read More

  • What are the beam angles of the LED Profile Spotlight


    Beam angle is something that needs to be taken care of in selecting the appropriate LED lighting for space. This is the color temperature. The beam angle indicates the spread of light from the light source. Narrow beams provide centralized lighting and are suitable for accent lighting. Wide beams give a more general and softer light. Most LED lights are available at selected beam angles.Narrow beam angles, from a very narrow 19-degree spot to a wider 50-degree flood, make the light more intensive and intense. A wider beam angle better distributes light to more areas of the room. Knowing how to use beam angles correctly can significantly improve the lighting effects in different occasions . Besides, 10 degrees Spotlight is also popular. Read More

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