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At present, THE ONE STUDIO Led studio & stage lights have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa and so on, which is more than 120 countries and regions. 

Here are some of our LED Studio & Stage Light and LED Ellipsoidal Light projects.

  • Full Color Led Ellipsoidal and Fresnel Spotlight in Outdoor Activities


    This time, I will introduce you to the stage projects of the music festival. Every time you see the outstanding performances of the actors on the stage, it is so amazing. In fact, behind their successful performances, there is also the credit of the LED STAGE LIGHT design. Read More

  • Led video panel light apply to studio


    LED video panel light, also known as film and television panel light, is one of the important light when building studio film and television lighting equipment. It will appear in general studio lighting, which has an important influence on the lighting effect of the studio. Generally, LED video panel Lights are used in conjunction with other lights, such as film and television LED spotlights. Read More

  • Studio lighting project design-Part Two


    Here are several lighting methods for studio: Read More

  • 300W Bi-color Led Soft Panel Light in TV Studio


    When open the TV, what kind of program you like to watch? Reality show, traveling program, animated carton, soap opera or other programs. Among them, I believe for most person, the most familiar program will be TV news. Then for a TV studio, what is the most popular led lighting fixtures? The answer Read More

  • Studio lighting project design-Part One


    With the development of the times, video has become the undisputed mainstream around us, and studios are not limited to TV stations. More and more companies and schools have joined in studio; no matter what kind of broadcast. The common feature of all rooms is use of LED lighting; then how to design Read More

  • IP65 LED Leko Profile Lighting in Amusement Park


    The One Studio launched this latest LED IP65 Rated Ellipsoidal (With Auto zoom/Auto cutting), which completely subverts the traditional leko light design and pushes the leko light to an unprecedented height. Read More

  • IP65 LED Ellipsoidal in Korean Outdoor Municipal Project


    Since we launch out the led ip65 rated ellipsoidal with auto zoom/auto cutting in 2020, this model attract many clients, who show great interested. Because in the market, there are very limited led studio lighting manufacturer make production of this product, while The One Studio is one of them. This time, we would like to introduce a Korean Outdoor Municipal Project. Read More

  • Led Profile Light In American Church


    How time flies, the first half year of 2020 already gone. Some bad events happend in the half year, such as the coronavirus. Best wishes for the rest of the year. As we all known, there are many churches in American. People like to go to church to pray and confess, and also many people like to get married in church. So the church plays an important part in people’s life. Last month, one of our American customer choosed our led profile light for their church project. We can see from the picture, it is a big church and with a stage. Then the lights in the church must have long irradiation distance. So the customer choose our TH-348 300W RGBAL led profile lights. Read More

  • 300W Led Fresnel Spotlight In Church Project


    Christianity is an important part of people's Life. Therefore, as the main place for the spread of religious activities, most churches have a long history and are spread all over the cities and towns, becoming an important part of the city and town. Church is a place of spiritual comfort, Due to people's desire for life and fear of death, in order to pursue rebirth after death, people often go to churches to seek psychological comfort, pray or repent. Preaching is the most important function of the church.In many churchs, every day, you can hear a pastor recite scripture, preach, and answer questions. Sometimes there are priests, religious teachers and elders who talk about their religion and the people in the audience can talk to them. Read More

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  • The stage lighting design of multi-functional hall


    The stage lighting design of the multi-functional hall generally refers to various scenarios such as meeting, discussion report, press release, lecture, multimedia teaching & training, and entertainment movie playback. It is similar to the performance stage lighting design, but there are certain dif Read More

  • Wedding lighting application


    Wedding lights are generally divided into functional lights, ambient lights, and effect lights. Functional light: For a wedding held in hotel, functional light is very important. From the face light, side light, and backlighting required for the new couple to enter the door, the lights must be distributed in every place where they walks in the wedding process,this is the functional light. Ambient light: What kind of atmosphere is needed and what color system is needed. Generally speaking, it must follow the opinions of new couple, favorite colors and changes, and the overall feeling for guests is warm and romantic, not exaggerated and pretentious, so the color must not be used too much. Effect light: it is to used computer lights, effect lights according to the rhythm of the scene, and the process can match the effect of the atmosphere. The use of this kind of light just according to the lighting engineer’s idea. Differentt lighting engineer have different idea. Read More

  • Why do led stage theater lights often use spotlights?


    Theater is a special place for performing drama, opera, song and dance, folk art, music and other entertainment activities. Nowadays, it also has the functions of showing movies and holding large and medium-sized conferences. Now led theater lights are suitable for various occasions and meet various Read More

  • What are the LED theater lights?


    The theater is a special place for performing drama, opera, song and dance, folk art, music and other entertaining activities. Nowadays, theaters also have the functions of showing movies and holding large and medium-sized meetings. LED theater lights can meet the needs of various scenes.What are th Read More

  • How to use LED stage theater lights?


    The design of theater stage lighting is a very important part. Whether it is overexposure, insufficient light, or full field dyeing, some small problems will always be exposed, so as to fail to achieve the expected effect. This time, let's start with the types and functions of stage theater lights a Read More

  • Cultural Tourism Lighting Design


    photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introductionphoto introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introducti Read More

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