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600W Bi-color LED Fresnel Light For Gjeniu TV Show

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It is a great honor that 96 pieces TH-355 600W bi-color Fan less LED Fresnel Spot Light with IP65 wateproof grade of THE ONE STUDIO used for Gjeniu TV Show recently .

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Now let me introduce this TV program for you . GENIUS comes from Lola Haradinaj, it is a knowledge contest, entertaining educational show, students will compete in Mathematics, History, Geography, Figurative Art, Physical Education etc. It is an attractive and motivating show for learning knowledge. The program is of course conceived on the basis of direct competition, where all children challenge each other. They are judged by a professional jury, but also by the viewers and viewers in the studio, allowing us to make a more open and transparent selection for the distinct abilities of children.  It started as a talent show that brought to the screen smaller performers of the song, even ballet talents and instrumentalists. extraordinary of this age. The fact that Genius grew as a program from year to year, both in terms of audience and the very high level of performers showed the endless interest in this program by all.

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And today we also talk about basic elements of TV lighting design, On the premise of understanding the basic knowledge of lighting and mastering the skills of using lighting equipment, lighting designers skillfully use lighting methods to describe the plot of characters and scene space, appropriately express the visual effects of light and shadow, and shape specific lighting through rich imagination and creative talent. The plot environment picture, to produce a high-quality beautiful TV picture. It's like the more accumulated a writer's life, the more colorful his literary works will be. As a creator of lighting art, we must constantly accumulate the simulation of various lights in life and the artistic creation based on the simulation, and improve our artistic accomplishment, so that we can use the language of light and the color of light to dye the difference of TV programs. The atmosphere of the scene. Lighting is the soul of TV art. Light quality, light position, light type, light color, beam, light ratio, etc. are the basic elements and language of lighting. Lighting designers use these basic elements to draw colorful and lively TV pictures through the special language of lighting.

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For this Gjeniu TV Show, one of the basice light is 96pcs 600w bi-color fan less led fresnel light , it is new IP rated LED fixture from THE ONE STUDIO-IP65 waterproof housing, using 600W high power COB LED,with both warm white and cool white, adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6000K. This model offers everything should come to expect, including auto zoom from 15°-55° and auto focus, smooth shutter cuts by DMX, electronic strobe , 16bit dimming and selectable dimming curve modes, PWM from 500HZ to 25000HZ for matching any camera type. Fanless(no any noise) operation for use in studio and theatre applications

Products from THE ONE STUDIO use for many different kinds of projects , we will share more and more projects in coming .

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