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IP65 Ellipsoidal Applied in Agile Property Holdings

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Architectural night scene lighting design is a kind of artistic innovation and enjoyment. The relationship between architecture and lighting must be indispensable, especially for beautifying buildings. Buildings without lights at night will lose their appeal. Only lights can highlight buildings. Architectural night scene lighting design is to highlight the soul of the building and create characteristics. The performance of each building is also very different. Reshape the image of the building to obtain high-quality and ideal lighting effects. The perfect three-dimensional shape is the pursuit of lighting design. Only lighting can highlight the building, interpret the city, and make the night life continue at night. Using lighting means to highlight the main environmental status of the illuminated building, carry out unified planning, and provide extraordinary imagination to construct a harmonious and beautiful night scene.

led ellipsoidal

The One Studio300W IP65 RGBAL Led ellipsoidal applied in Zhongshan Agile Property Holdings. Agile Property Holdings Co., Ltd is one of the largest developers in China. It was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005. It mainly focuses on real estate development and operation, and is also widely involved in property management and commercial properties. Agile's business coverage has expanded to 26 cities and regions across the country, with a total of 70 real estate projects at different stages of development. As a famous real estate brand, Agile adopt our 300W IP65 RGBAL led ellipsoidal to wash their sales center to popularize their brand and attract customers. The 300W IP65 RGBAL led ellipsoidal can be have red, green, blue, amber and lime fine color and the color temperature also can be from 2700K-12000K, you can get different color and color temperature, very nice choice for wash the building at night


And this fixture also have built-in colors, no need to select the color manually, just choose the built-in colors function then can wash the building with different color. The function with auto zoom from 15-30 degree of 300W IP65 RGBAL led ellipsoidal make them can hang on the pillar far away from the sales center about 30 meter and just by the DMX consoler can realize the zoom, very convenient and labor saving. The function with auto shutters cutting of 300W IP65 RGBAL led ellipsoidal can be have different spot shape as you like. These fixtures offer everything should come to expect, except the auto zoom and shutters cutting function , also can be electronic strobe , 16bit dimming and selectable dimming curve modes, PWM from 500HZ to 25000HZ for matching any camera type. This fixture not only can be 300W RGBAL but also can be 600W Bi-color warm white + cool warm and 300W for single color warm white or cool while. With such powerful functions, the IP65 led ellipsoidal from The One Studio is a very nice choice for outdoor building and landscape wash.

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