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400W Fan-less Led Fresnel Light Apply to Beijing Concert Hall

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led fresnel

The concert hall is a place where concerts and music-related activities are held, and it is a place where people feel the charm of music. It is usually composed of a music hall and a small theater, etc., with elegant decoration and suitable layout. There are many factors to consider in the lighting design of the concert hall, including the pursuit of bright light and reasonable illumination. To meet the requirements of the audience, the famous concert halls in the world include the Vienna Concert Hall, the Sydney Opera House, and the National Center for the Performing Arts of China. At the same time, many concert halls are local symbols. So what requirements does the concert hall have for lighting fixtures?

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First of all, the noise specification requirements of concert hall lights must not be ignored! As a professional music performance venue, the sound quality of the concert hall is very important, and noise is one of the main factors affecting the sound quality. Therefore, in the design and installation process of lights and lanterns, we must have strict specification requirements. Secondly, the noise of lights must be strictly controlled within a minimum range. The lighting in the concert hall affects the sensory experience of the audience, but if the noise is too large, it will greatly affect the effect of the performance. Therefore, when formulating the noise specification requirements for concert hall lamps, it is required that the sound of lamps shall not exceed 30 decibels, which is the highest noise value allowed in the concert hall.

The One Studio 10fesnel0pcs 400W fan-less led fresnel spot lights apply in the Beijing Concert Hall. These 400W fan-less led fresnel spot light made with white color housing, completely integrated with the style of the entire concert hall. The 400W fan-less led fresnel spot light is a high-power Fresnel-style fixture utilizing our efficient warm white + cool white LED system to project a bright, beautifully soft, high CRI (95) field of light ideal for theatre and television studio.Motorized zoom or manual zoom with a 15°- 50° field angle. You can get control color temperature from 3000K-6000K,. Dimming is impressive from 0% to 100%. With DMX control with RDM compatibility. Standard, incandescent,quick and linear total 4 kinds of dimmer curve optional, frequency is adjustable from 500hz-25000hz. The big feature if this fixture is Fan-less no noise. With this feature and other powerful functions, the 400W fan-less led fresnel spot lights are the best choice for the concert hall. Meanwhile, the TV Studio also request the lights with no noise when proceeding the TV interview or TV program recording. So The One Studio 400W Fan-less led fresnel spot lights are very popular with TV studio. Also, they are a good choice for the theatre for performance

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