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At present, THE ONE STUDIO Led studio & stage lights have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa and so on, which is more than 120 countries and regions. 

Here are some of our LED Studio & Stage Light projects.

  • 300W RGBAL Led Ellipsoidal Light in Russian Program


    Have you ever seen a interview programme program, whether it is a live or in television, with a good lighting that successfully impress you? As we know, a Program is not one-single-person job to make everything works just exactly like it should be. Read More

  • 20W Mini Leko in Russian Museum


    The Russian Museum has invested in 30PCS 20W MINI PROLIGHTS LED WW ellipsoidal and 10PC 20W PROLIGHTS LED Mini 2IN1 primarily for speciality lighting. This purchase is part of an initiative the Museum is activating to replace their halogen lighting with LED fixtures.Mini Leko Light is a compact LED Read More

  • Die-casting Aluminum Led Leko Light for Music Concert


    Now Film and television industry become more and more popular, in order to catch the film and television industry develpoment, lots of factory research and develop many kinds of led studio light, the same for The One Studio, The One Studio is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research manufacturing Read More

  • Mini Profile Light for Small Theatre


    The small size of the profile spotlights allows them to be used in any installations: theaters, assembly halls, exhibitions, museums, shopping halls, clubs, restaurants, and even in home interiors. Standard body color: black and white. Read More

  • Concert in America--Using 600W Die-casting Aluminum Led Profile Spotlight


    600W Die-casting Aluminum Led Profile Spotlight for Concert As the development of technology, led studio light also become more and more popular on the lighting market. In order to meet the needs of the market. The one studio develop several kinds led studio light, such as led leko profile spotlight Read More

  • Hotel Wedding in Korea


    This time, the client chose to hold a wedding at a hotel, which has a long-lasting and good meaning. After understanding the customer's ideas, chose fresh and natural pink, light green, white, and gold as the theme of the wedding. And design strictly follows the theme color scheme. Read More

  • 600W Bi-color Led Fresnel Spotlight for the Theater


    LED Fresnel Spotlight or LED Soft Fresnel Light, LED Film Spotlight. The fresnel light is the workhorse of all theatre lights. Fresnels are very versatile lights that are often used for stage colour washes, as well as for selective highlighting. Read More

  • 400W RGBW Led Profile Spot Light for The Stage Show


    A few days ago, our customer shared a beautiful stage show with us. The One Studio's 400w RGBW Zoom Led Profile Spotlight played an Indispensable role in this Unforgettable and wonderful perform. Colorful and dynamic lighting effects brought a stunning visual experience to the audience.Our Stage Led profile spotlight meets the aesthetic design and combines practicality, functionality and artistry. Read More

  • 200W Led Fresnel Light for Church


    LED Fresnel Spotlight are used for lighting of stage and photography. The light source adopts LED, energy saving and environmental protection, and the color temperature range is 3200K-5600K, the CRI (color rendering index) is 90, max can be 95. However, due to different use occasions, there are grea Read More

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