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What are the characteristics of LED leko spotlight?

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LED leko spotlight is a very versatile lighting fixture. The zoom range of LED leko spotlight is 12 ~ 30 degrees / 25 ~ 50 degrees, and there are two different focal lengths to choose from. The focus can be changed manually. If you need lenses of different degrees, just replace the front tube. In addition, the shell of LED leko spotlight is made of high-quality fireproof aluminum die casting, with high-grade appearance, durability, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

  • What are the characteristics of LED leko spotlight?

  • What are some examples of using LED leko spotlight?

LED leko spotlight

LED leko spotlight

What are the characteristics of LED leko spotlight?

LED leko spotlight can be fully tuned between 2700 and 10000K, similar to sunrise and sunset. Adjust high quality blend colors. At the same time, with our own optical system, we can make a stable and efficient brightness effect.

LED leko spotlight system is designed for studios and other applications that must use high-definition lighting. It has the characteristics of soft and uniform output light, high light efficiency, stable color temperature and high color rendering index.

For LED leko spotlight display, we use touch screen, which can more easily operate and control lighting products.

For the dimmer of LED leko spotlight, we hired a very professional software engineer to design the dimmer. There are four dimming curves: standard mode, incandescent mode, fast mode and linear mode.

LED leko spotlight

What are some examples of using LED leko spotlight?

The use of LED leko spotlight in the outdoor performance of the amusement park has waterproof requirements. 300W waterproof LED leko spotlight meets the requirements of customers and has no problem on rainy days. It mainly researches and develops innovative LED leko spotlights. The white version with color temperature of 3200K or 5600k can be selected according to the actual application project. The color temperature is pure, and the color rendering index is greater than 90. LED leko spotlight of color light plate is a combination of rgbal five in one. It adopts high-quality optical system to make color mixing rich and uniform. The prefabricated color temperature is accurately adjustable between 2700k and 12000k. Equipped with 15-30° automatic zoom system for linear smooth adjustment. The integrated cutting system ensures smooth cutting and accurate control. The four cutting blades of LED leko spotlight can cut semicircles, sectors and arbitrary polygons. Standard rotary gobos can be used in the lamp. The effect is more colorful. The effect of LED leko spotlight using patterns can be projected on outdoor stages, flowers, trees and buildings. With the continuous innovation of performance forms, the previous large-scale indoor performance is gradually combined with outdoor performance. The LED leko spotlight has IP65 waterproof grade. It is suitable for performance venues with real performance, commercial performance or outdoor lighting applications. This is an excellent cultural and creative product.

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