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300W LED Fresnel and Profile Light in Incheon Central Methodist Church

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Incheon Central Church was founded on 3nd February 1946, till now, there is over 75 years. And Incheon Central Methodist Church is a new church built in Incheon Songdao international city, December 2006. It is about 4620 square meters and can accommodate 1000 persons for church at the same time. There is seven chapels in it, including large/medium/small chapel, infant/kindergarten/children/primary school chapel. Every week, the church will have different activities in here and Christian love this place just like their house. Therefore, a good lighting system is very important for the church. The One Studio is honor to participate in this church lighting project, today we will share it to everyone.


From the picture you can see, this is the large chapel of the church, customer adopt many units 300w led fresnel spotlight with manual zoom and 300w led profile spot light in this project. These two light are both our classical model, they are TH-340 (It is a powerful LED Fresnel which using a 300W LED COB. A massive zoom range of 15° to 50° and a beautifully soft, with high CRI make it an ideal LED replacement for aging incandescent fresnel. You can have it with manual zoom or motorized zoom is easily accessed by DMX512 controller.) and TH-329 (Using a high Powered 300W Warm White or Cool White LED optional, 19°, 26°, 36°, and 50° interchangeable lens options, 4 blade manual framing shutters, manual focus. Fully support gobo holder, gobo, gel frame, iris for usage, DMX controlled electronic strobe, Dimming is smooth 16-bit impressive from 0% to 100%, flicker free operation for Broadcast TV and Film.).


Since our lights work together with other civil lights; Other civil lights play the roles in colorful effect, so in here, the main function of our lights is for highlight and customer choose all cold white for both led fresnel and profile light. Firstly, in the top of the podium, customer use led fresnel every 0.8-1 meters to highlight the platform so that people can see. Then in the second line, in order to highlight the pastor or speaker in the middle of the podium so that people can pay attention to their speech from the audience seat, we adopt several units led fresnel light plus led profile to achieve the effect. In the last line, in order to enhance the highlight effect, customer keep using led fresnel, also add led moving light for special effect.


Besides these two classic products, if you happen to look for some suitable led stage lights for church, you can also consider our 600w bi-color led fresnel spotlight with zoom and 600w bi-color die-casting aluminum led profile spot light, which are popular in church and theater usage; If you need colorful effect, we also have RGBW and RGBAL led Fresnel or spotlight for options. Or you don’t have ideas for this moment, you can contact our sales team any time, The One Studio is always open for you!

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