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The One Studio’s Profile lights Gives Deyang Confucian Temple New Charm

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The Deyang Confucian Temple was built in the second year of the Kaixi reign of the Southern Song Dynasty (1206). Most of the buildings preserved in the Confucian Temple were built during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, making it the most fully preserved characteristic Confucian Temple in the western region. The Deyang Confucian Temple covers an area of over 20800 square meters and has over 20 ancient buildings. It is known as the "Deyang Confucian Temple Jia Chuanxi".

At 19:30 on September 29, exquisite colored lights will be lit at Deyang Confucian Temple, Confucian Temple Square and Confucian Temple Xintiandi at the same time. The radiance of golden glazed tiles, the grandeur of the Wanren Palace Wall, and the exquisite Lingxing Gate will all shine again in the mid autumn moonlight, reproducing the magnificent night scenery of the Song Dynasty.


During the period from September 29th to October 6th, Deyang Confucian Temple Cultural Week held activities such as garden tours, parades, national style shows, ancient dance and music performances, historical Mid Autumn Festival changes performances, and music carnival parties. A total of 181 market spots were designed and planned to make a new appearance in the Confucian Temple Square. Provide tourists with a one-stop experience of Deyang's unique cuisine and non heritage cultural and creative products.

At the Confucian Temple Square grand event, The One Studio, as the partner of the studio  lighting brand in this project, undertook the lighting engineering project of supply, installation and implementation of studio lighting equipment, and technical service support. This project applied 300W Fan-less IP65 LED Profile Spot Light with Zoom, with its high-efficiency 300W LED COB light source, producing bright and powerful output. The specially designed 2400K light color temperature ensures the perfect implementation of the effect, and the CRI lighting output greater than 95 ensures the vivid depiction of colors and enhances color reproduction. The entire square building is illuminated by the light, appearing sparkling.

The professional team of The One Studio provides reliable solutions for customers and participates in on-site construction and construction. 169 sets of 300W Fan-less IP65 LED Profile Spot Light with Zoom, showcasing the dazzling beauty of light and color on this historic architectural.

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