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  • Plano Soundcheck Xpo 2024 Invitation
    Plano Soundcheck Xpo 2024 Invitation
    Plano Soundcheck Xpo, which have 18 years history, has been a major activity for professionals in the music and performance industry in Mexico. A space to showcase new things in audio, video, lighting, DJ, backstage, stage, and service, for performances, live demonstrations, and opportunities to con
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  • Review the Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2024
    Review the Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2024
    Prolight+Sound is the world's largest and most successful stage lighting and sound technology exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Cooperating with two major exhibition groups, Musikmesse Frankfurt, Germany and Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt, Germany become. Among them, Musikmesse Frankfurt Musical Instrument Exhibition has been held since 1980, and Stage Lighting and Sound Technology Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. Prolight+Sound has been held since 1995. ProLight is the first port of call for visitors interested in professional lighting technology. In addition to lighting technology, projectors, spotlights and lighting-control systems, the hall is the setting for spectacular laser and stage effects in action. The complementary programme of events at Prolight + Sound offers insights into trending subjects, such as intelligent light controls, digital transmission protocols, pixel and voxel mapping and energy-efficient lighting.
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  • What Is The Led Fresnel Spotlight
    What Is The Led Fresnel Spotlight
    A LED fresnel spotlight is a type of lighting fixture that uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as the light source and incorporates a fresnel lens for focusing and shaping the light beam. The term "fresnel" refers to the design of the lens, which is made up of concentric grooves that allow the lens to be thinner and lighter compared to a traditional lens.
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  • Review the 2024 Get Show
    Review the 2024 Get Show
    Founded on March 28, 2008, The Industry Association of South China Entertainment Equipment (SCEE) is an industry-based non-profit social organization formed spontaneously by a number of well-known enterprises and officially approved by the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province. GET Show
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  • Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2024 Invitation
    Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2024 Invitation
    Prolight + Sound offers a broad spectrum from light and sound, via theatre and stage, to AV systems integration, display and media technology. This exhibition will be a place for you where you feel at home and where great ideas for the event industry of the future are born and shown. The One Studio
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  • GET Show Guangzhou 2024
    GET Show Guangzhou 2024
    GET Show Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment, Intelligent Sound and Light Products Technology Exhibition is a professional audio and lighting equipment comprehensive exhibition hosted by Guangdong Entertainment Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce. It is based on the premise of safeguarding the interests of members and exhibitors to promote manufacturers It is our responsibility to communicate and promote the development of the industry. From March 3rd to 6th, the 2024 Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment and Intelligent Sound and Light Products Technology Exhibition (GET show), sponsored by the Guangdong Entertainment Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce and undertaken by Guangzhou High Efficiency Exhibition Co., Ltd., was grandly held in Guangzhou.
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  • The One Studio 2023 Annual Meeting
    The One Studio 2023 Annual Meeting
    There are many important meanings for a company to hold an annual meeting, some of which are as follows: Communication and exchange: The annual meeting provides a centralized platform for various departments and employees of the company to communicate with each other and share information and experience. This kind of communication and exchange helps strengthen internal cooperation, coordinate work and solve problems.
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  • What is the best effect of led fresnel spotlight
    What is the best effect of led fresnel spotlight
    The LED Fresnel spotlight offers several effects that make it a versatile lighting tool in photography and stage lighting. Here are some of the notable effects and benefits of using LED Fresnel spotlights:1.Adjustable beam angle: One of the key advantages of the Fresnel spotlight is its adjustable b
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