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  • What is the adjustable color temperature led studio light?

    In fact, led studio lights are a part of stage lights, including par lights, mobile headlights, wall cleaning lights, studio lights, etc. Led studio lights also include LED profile spotlight, led Fresnel spotlight, LED soft panel light, LED flash, studio cob par light, etc. Studio lighting is essential to most photographers' arsenal.

  • What are the color temperature functions of LED soft lights?

    LED soft light has two color temperatures: warm white and cold white. Warm white and cold white are measured on the Kelvin scale and represented by the letter "K". The warm white is about 3000K and the cold white is about 5000k-6000k. Warm white is a low color temperature with a very warm yellow tone. The warm white of LED soft light is very similar to the color temperature of the traditional incandescent bulb. On the other hand, cold white is a kind of high color temperature, which is a very bright and clean white light. The cold white of LED soft light is a color very similar to natural sunlight.

  • THE ONE Newest LED Follow Spot Light Series

    The follow spot light is a high power spot lamp, which is composed of a convex lens and a light source. It is mainly used to highlight actors or other special effects, or to fill the light for actors when the stage is dark. The follow spot light can change different colors, and the follow spot light

  • How to find a led video panel light supplier?

    Led panel light is a kind of lighting light, which aims to replace the traditional fluorescent ceiling light. led panel lights play an important role in scenes such as stage, studio, photography room and conference room and so on. High brightness, unique design, adjustable color temperature and full color. Only these functions can meet the needs of customers and market demand. The market demand is constantly changing, and only innovation can meet the demand.

  • What are the use scenarios of led studio lights?

    Most people know led stage lights because they are widely used on the stage. But few people know about led studio lighting, and do not know what kind of occasions led studio lighting is usually used, such as studios, museums and TV stations. These occasions require high brightness and high CRI led studio lights.

  • New Arrival 30W IP65 Mini LED Leko Light

    The New 30W Studio Leko Spot Light from THE ONE STUDIO is a lightweight, Imported energy-saving LED source ,cool and warm color (3200 or 5600K) for options, high CRI 95 with excellent light output. With a black or white finish housing optional and a small form factor. It is useful for small theater, events, and film or video productions.

  • What are the advantages of a led studio light?

    Led studio light is widely used in most industries because of its high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life and multi-function. It also occupies a very important position in the lighting industry.

  • New design -- 200W Fan-less Led Fresnel Light

    The One Studio are focus on the led profile light, led fresnel light and led soft panel light. As a professional LED studio lighting manufacturer, we have been keeping up with the market demand and constantly launching new products. There have been 100w fan-less(no any noise) led fresnel light befor

  • How to choose a fuitable stage theater lighting?

    In the process of theater stage performance, it is necessary to set off the performance effect through the continuous change of various lights. Therefore, stage theater light equipment is an indispensable part of stage performance. In the whole development process, we can see that the stage lighting has been greatly improved from the initial torch to the current computer lighting.

  • How to use LED soft lights in the studio?

    The common lighting layout method of TV news studios is the twelve-point scheme design. Various light sources flicker in the middle of the recording and broadcasting area, including surface light, side light, top light, backlight and background light.

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