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  • Where can I buy good LED stage theater lights?

    Stage theater lighting is a lighting technology, which can be used in stage, drama, dance, opera or other performing arts. In addition to basic lighting, modern stage theater lighting can also include special effects, such as laser and fog machines.

  • How is the LED video panel light composed?

    LED panel light is ideal equipment for studios, photography, conference rooms and film production places. They are becoming more and more popular because they provide a unified and harmonious lighting environment. This is not available with traditional lights. l What are the components of LED pan

  • 100W Fan-less Led Fresnel Light

    Led Fresnel Light is a very important basic lighting for studio, theater, church or other sites usage. With customer’s more and more higher request, besides good quality, noise control become another factor. The One as a professional LED studio lighting manufacturer, we always keeping up with the tr

  • What are the use scenarios of LED leko lights?

    Now the film and television industry is becoming more and more popular. In order to catch up with the development of the film and television industry, many manufacturers have developed a variety of LED leko lights.

  • 220W led soft panel light with battery

    What lights are used in the news special interview studio, what are the lights used in the studio, and what are the functions of led studio lights? News studio lighting, interview studio lighting, teaching lecture studio lighting, press conference lighting, now all use led fresnel spotlights and led soft panel lights, and some use led profile spotlights and led soft panel lights.

  • How to use LED leko spotlights in weddings?

    LED leko spotlight for many projects. Such as LED leko spotlight for t-show, stage, hotel, etc. In addition to t-show, stage, hotel and other projects, LED leko spotlight can also be used for weddings.

  • Application of 600W Bi-color Led Profile Light In Church

    It is well known that a church is a sacred, solemn place. The role of the church is also different in different countries. The Catholic Church is used for Catholics to watch Mass, pray, and hold various religious ceremonies. The Christian Church is used for Christians to pray, assemble, and hold various religious ceremonies. The church also holds weddings for believers It is also open to tourists when there are no ceremonies in the church. In prayers, gatherings and weddings, a lot of lights need to be used to set off the atmosphere. So what kind of lighting is suitable for such an events? The following will introduce the lights suitable for church lighting.

  • What are the functions and benefits of LED Fresnel stage lighting?

    This LED Fresnel light is named after the French engineer who invented the lighthouse technology in the early 19th century. In the past few years, LED technology has made great progress. What are the functions of LED Fresnel stage lighting?What are the benefits of LED Fresnel stage lighting?What are

  • How should I choose a fuitable LED fresnel light?

    LED Fresnel stage lighting can be found in many places. They are widely used in studios, stage TV programs and conference rooms. LED Fresnel stage lighting has the characteristics of portability, durability and high brightness. It is very popular in engineering and bidding projects. THE ONE STUDIO i

  • What is the LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight?

     What are the components of LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight? What are the representative products of LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlights?What are the components of LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight?LED ellipsoidal reflector spotlight is composed of lamp shell, power supply, driving board, m

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