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  • TV Studio Room Lighting Scheme and Lighting Selection

    The commonly used lighting arrangement method of TV news studio is 12 o'clock scheme design, with various light sources shining in the middle of the recording and broadcasting area, including surface light, side light, top light, back light and background light, then how to choose the lighting for these five light sources?

  • Gallery Lighting Design (Part One)

    Art is the soul resonance of creators and viewers. A perfect work is not just simply hanging it on the wall, but also using lighting art to put its beauty into the viewer's sensory nerves. The use of correct lighting art can not only release the artwork in people's vision, but also can be passed on for a long time.

  • How to choose LED ellipsoidal and Fresnel light for the stage?

    When selecting luminaires for a stage, theater or concert venue, you will immediately confronted with choosing between three essential fixtures: LED Fresnel, Ellipsoidal and soft light. Although many websites and magazine articles will tell you that these devices are important, few people will tell

  • Lighting layout skills for theater and film shooting

    Lighting layout in film and theaters is an important means of modeling performance. It has the functions of conveying information, expressing the emotions of the characters, setting off the scene atmosphere, and portraying the characters of the characters in the film. In order to achieve the desired

  • Application of LED ellipsoidal light in stage lighting

    Stage lighting is an important and non-ignorable part of various performance occasions. With the development of social technology, people's requirements for lighting are getting higher and higher. Different lighting effects can make the stage effect show the changes of light and dark, cold and warm, which makes the perfect combination with the performance of the actors. The led ellipsoidal light is a very important tool in stage lighting, and it is also an important tool to shape the image of characters and enhance the atmosphere.

  • What are the new technologies and features of current stage and studio lighting

    With the development of stage and studio lighting industry, traditional halogen tungsten light sources are gradually withdrawing from the market. Conversely, the LED light source quickly occupied the performing arts market with the characteristics environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency.

  • Analysis of the advantages and characteristics of LED studio lights

    LED studio lights are widely used in most industries because of their high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long life, and multi-function advantages, and they also occupy a very important position in the lighting industry. we have made the following analysis of the advantages and charact

  • How to select the basic lighting for stage

    In the process of stage performance, it is necessary to set off the effect of the performance through the continuous changes of various lights. So it can be seen that lighting equipment is an essential part of the stage performance. Throughout the development process, we can see that the stage lighting has also been greatly improved, from the initial torch to the current computer light. How to choose some basic stage lighting?

  • Application of color temperature and distance in stage lighting

    Stage lighting design definitely does not mean that you can turn on the controller or turn on the switch. A good lighting engineer is not only a technician, but more importantly, he is also an artist.

  • What is the best effect of led fresnel spotlight?

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