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These are related to the Profile Light news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Profile Light and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Profile Light market.
  • GET Show Guangzhou 2023
    GET Show Guangzhou 2023

    The One Studio attended GET SHOW as usual and we got a very happy ending of this show last week. Due to the Covid-19, the GET SHOW have postponed for many times and because of epidemic policy, many foreign customers have not came to China for the exhibitions for a long time. This year, the epidemic policy has been relaxed, so many foreign customers come to visit this show. Of course, many old and new customers to visit The One Studio’s stand and learn about our new products. It is precisely because the support from our old and new customers then we can get happy ending of this show.

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  •  IP65 Ellipsoidal Applied in Agile Property Holdings
    IP65 Ellipsoidal Applied in Agile Property Holdings

    The One Studio 300W IP65 RGBAL Led ellipsoidal applied in Zhongshan Agile Property Holdings. Agile Property Holdings Co., Ltd is one of the largest developers in China. It was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2005. It mainly focuses on real estate development and operation, and is also widely involved in property management and commercial properties. Agile's business coverage has expanded to 26 cities and regions across the country, with a total of 70 real estate projects at different stages of development. As a famous real estate brand, Agile adopt our 300W IP65 RGBAL led ellipsoidal to wash their sales center to popularize their brand and attract customers. The 300W IP65 RGBAL led ellipsoidal can be have red, green, blue, amber and lime fine color and the color temperature also can be from 2700K-12000K, you can get different color and color temperature, very nice choice for wash the building at night.

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  • Wonderful Moments of The One Studio 2022 Annual Meeting
    Wonderful Moments of The One Studio 2022 Annual Meeting

    Nowadays, more and more companies hold annual meetings at the end of each year. The significance of the company's annual meeting is to summarize the company's development achievements in the past year, and to formulate the company's overall plan for the next year, including the overall plan, direction and goals in the new year. The holding of the annual meeting, in a certain sense, is conducive to deepening the friendship among employees, increasing the cohesion of employees, enriching the lives of employees, and thanking all employees for their hard work for the company within a year. The One Studio 2022 annual meeting have been successfully concluded. In the past year, The One Studio has experienced wind and rain, achieved brilliant results, and gained a lot. A group of people, with one mind, doing the same thing. Let's review the wonderful moments of The One Studio Annual Meeting.

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  • The One Studio Mid-Autumn Festival activities
    The One Studio Mid-Autumn Festival activities

    Corporate culture is an indispensable part of an enterprise. An excellent corporate culture can create a good corporate environment, improve the cultural quality and moral standards of employees, and allow employees to naturally form a cohesion, centripetal force and binding force, forming corporate development. An indispensable spiritual force can make the enterprise play a positive role, so that the enterprise resources can be reasonably allocated, thereby improving the competitiveness of the enterprise. A good corporate culture can drive the healthy development of the enterprise, mobilize the positive performance of employees, make work more enthusiastic, improve production efficiency, and improve the efficiency of the enterprise

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  • 220W led soft panel light with battery
    220W led soft panel light with battery

    What lights are used in the news special interview studio, what are the lights used in the studio, and what are the functions of led studio lights? News studio lighting, interview studio lighting, teaching lecture studio lighting, press conference lighting, now all use led fresnel spotlights and led soft panel lights, and some use led profile spotlights and led soft panel lights.

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  • Application of 600W Bi-color Led Profile Light In Church
    Application of 600W Bi-color Led Profile Light In Church

    It is well known that a church is a sacred, solemn place. The role of the church is also different in different countries. The Catholic Church is used for Catholics to watch Mass, pray, and hold various religious ceremonies. The Christian Church is used for Christians to pray, assemble, and hold various religious ceremonies. The church also holds weddings for believers It is also open to tourists when there are no ceremonies in the church. In prayers, gatherings and weddings, a lot of lights need to be used to set off the atmosphere. So what kind of lighting is suitable for such an events? The following will introduce the lights suitable for church lighting.

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  • Gallery Lighting Design (Part One)
    Gallery Lighting Design (Part One)

    Art is the soul resonance of creators and viewers. A perfect work is not just simply hanging it on the wall, but also using lighting art to put its beauty into the viewer's sensory nerves. The use of correct lighting art can not only release the artwork in people's vision, but also can be passed on for a long time.

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  • How to select the basic lighting for stage
    How to select the basic lighting for stage

    In the process of stage performance, it is necessary to set off the effect of the performance through the continuous changes of various lights. So it can be seen that lighting equipment is an essential part of the stage performance. Throughout the development process, we can see that the stage lighting has also been greatly improved, from the initial torch to the current computer light. How to choose some basic stage lighting?

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