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The importance of booth decoration

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led profile light

The design and decoration of the exhibition hall is a very important link in the process of enterprise participation. The exhibition hall is a platform to reflect the corporate culture and attract audiences. An excellent exhibition hall decoration design has a strong visual appeal, which can make the audience have an interest and affinity for the booth, and naturally enter the exhibition hall to participate in exhibitions, consultation, and trade, and deepen the audience's recognition and memory of the company, and finally realize the exhibitors. product and brand marketing. The quality of exhibition design and decoration is related to the effect of enterprises participating in the exhibition. An excellent exhibition hall design makes the audience feel "unique", but they seem to be at home. To achieve this ideal effect requires the design and builders of the exhibition hall to have rich imagination, creativity and flexibility, which is not easy, but the decoration design of the exhibition hall has certain principles and skills to follow to make the design effect as perfect as possible.

led panel light

In last month, The One Studio have attended the AUDIO-VISUAL INTELLIGENCE INTEGRATED SYSTEM EXHIBITION 2023 (Shenzhen). For this exhibition we have adopted the bran-new design for the booth decoration. The One Studio have attended many lighting exhibitions in the past years, for the previous exhibitions, we prefer to display the lighting fixtures on the stand that the customers can touch and operate the lighting fixtures. But in this AUDIO-VISUAL INTELLIGENCE INTEGRATED SYSTEM EXHIBITION 2023 (Shenzhen), we changed the previous style and use our lighting fixtures to create simulated scenes to arrange the entire booth.

led leko light

The whole booth is roughly divided into four scenes, the first one was simulated the scene of karst cave scenic spot. This scene is using our 30W , 60W and80W led mini leko lights. This series led mini leko lights are with high brightness and small size, very suitable to use on the karst cave and other scenic area to light up the specific scope. The second scenes was simulated Museum, use our 20W led mini leko lights. Generally, in the museum, the exhibits need to be light up with a small spot to highlight the exhibits. And it’s fan-less no noise at all. So our 20W led mini leko lightsare the perfect choice for the museum. The third scene was simulated TV studio. This scene use our 300W Led soft panel light. High CRI , high output and fan-less cooling design make them meet all the request for the TV studio. The last scene was simulated theater, use our 300W led profile lights. Excellent optical system and high bright make them very popular with the theater stage. These new booth designs attracted a lot of customers to visit our booth. There is no doubt that this is a successful booth decoration.

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