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Review the 2024 Get Show

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Founded on March 28, 2008, The Industry Association of South China Entertainment Equipment (SCEE) is an industry-based non-profit social organization formed spontaneously by a number of well-known enterprises and officially approved by the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province. GET Show Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment, Intelligent Sound and Light Products Technology Exhibition is a professional audio and lighting equipment comprehensive exhibition hosted by Guangdong Entertainment Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce. From March 3rd to 6th, the 2024 Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment and Intelligent Sound and Light Products Technology Exhibition (GET show), sponsored by the Guangdong Entertainment Equipment Industry Chamber of Commerce and undertaken by Guangzhou High Efficiency Exhibition Co., Ltd., was grandly held in Guangzhou. Using GET show as a platform, it effectively promotes national brands to explore the international market, promotes the deep integration of performing arts technology and cultural tourism, and plays an important role in promoting the high-quality development of my country's performing arts equipment industry.

The One Studio this exhibition layout mainly consists of 5 simulated scenes: TV Studio Area, Theater Area, Film Area, Rock Cave Area, Museum Area.

TV studio light

TV Studio Area/Film Area: This layout uses two silent spotlights and a 220W led soft panel light. The soft light is the main light of the entire scene. Using 1920 LED chip beads, with an adjustable color temperature of 3000K-6000K and a high CRI of 95. Above, constant power 220W, two control modes: DMX and RDM, 4 dimming curves optional, frequency adjustable from 500-25000Hz. Two silent spotlights are used for the side lighting. They have a fanless and no noise fan and heat design, which is very suitable for the requirements of film and television halls.

Theater Area: Theater lighting fixtures play a vital role in stage performances. In theater lighting design, base lighting generally uses LED profile lights and led fresnel lights. Our this area is designed to simulate a theater scene, using 100W and 200W led fresnel lights and 300W die-cast aluminum led profile lights. 300W led profile light, the body is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum, sturdy and durable. Superior optical system, uniform light spot and no blue edge. Beam angle 19/26/36/50 degrees optional, 0-100% linear dimming, DMX and RDM control modes, 500K~25000K dimming frequency adjustable, high-definition shooting without flicker, ultra-quiet intelligent fan cooling system. These three fixtures are very suitable for use in theater scenes.

mini leko light

Rock Cave Are: we mainly adopt 3 types of lights: 300W LED IP65 Rated Ellipsoidal Light. This light is auto zoom and auto cutting. It has a variety of built-in patterns and an adjustable color temperature from 2700~12000K. Simulates from sunrise to sunset. The other light is 300w LED Fresnel Light with Auto Zoom, 15-50 zoom angle, which can meet the needs for different cave lighting areas. Finally, it is our hot-sale 80W IP65 Mini Leko Light with Zoom, which adopts a new camera-style knob zoom, 15-30/25-50 degrees optional, Fanless no noise cooling system, allowing you to immerse yourself in the charm of the karst cave. Thank you for your times.

Museum Area: lighting design of the museum. This time we mainly used 20w mini leko light, made of high quality die-casting aluminum housing with fanless cooling system, using the imported led lamp, with high CRI, 4 kinds of Dimming Curve, 500HZ to 25000HZ dimming frequency adjustable, 3 control methods are available: remote control/dmx control/plug-in and light-up. The small size housing very suitable use in Museums, Gallery, Art show, small T show, Children theatre and so on.

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