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For led soft light, everyone has different special concerns about it, and what we do is to maximize the product requirements of each customer, so the quality of our led soft light has been well received by many customers and enjoyed a good reputation in many countries. THE ONE STUDIO led soft light have characteristic design & practical performance & competitive price, for more information on the led soft light, please feel free to contact us.

led soft light

These are related to the led soft light news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in led soft light and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand led soft light market.
  • [Exhibition News] Review the Prolight + Sound 2021 Guangzhou Show

    Namephoto introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo introduction photo intro

  • [Product News] Lighting layout skills for theater and film shooting

    Lighting layout in film and theaters is an important means of modeling performance. It has the functions of conveying information, expressing the emotions of the characters, setting off the scene atmosphere, and portraying the characters of the characters in the film. In order to achieve the desired

  • [Company News] The Lighting Exhibitions The One Studio attended in 2020

    2020 was a special year for everyone, the same to The One Studio. Affected by the COVID-19, there were many exhibitions have to canceled or delayed, including Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2020. So, no matter the online exhibitions or the offline events, we always did the best and keep forward always. No

  • [Company News] The One Studio Root For 2022 Qater World Cups

    The World Cup is the dream stage of every football fan, and it is also the most coveted sacred glory in the field of football in various countries around the world. The World Cup is held every four years, and any FIFA can send a team to sign up for this event. The World Cup is the source and foundation of the development and popularization of football in the world, so it is also known as the "Cup of Life". The purpose of the World Cup is to carry forward and carry forward the "soccer spirit". In a broad sense, it is actually the same as any sports event such as the Olympic Games, which conveys a spirit of hard work and continuous struggle. For fans, it is a visual feast of peak duels, and for non-fans, they can also share passionate and magnificent performances again and again.

  • [Company News] The One Studio New Showroom -- Part Two

    Before, we briefly introduced the layout of The One Studio exhibition hall and the display of corresponding products. Today we will introduce to you two other simulation scenarios. One is the lighting arrangement of the Conference hall, and the other is the lighting arrangement of the recording stud

  • [Product News] New Design--220W Led Video Panel Light(1920pcs*0.2W)

    After countless days for studying and developing LED studio lighting technology. In April 2018, The One Studio introduced a new product - 220W Led Video Panel Light, and we have shown on Get Show 2018, Guangzhou.

  • [Product News] Which led lights are use for photography

    LED is the biggest innovation in lighting industry since electric light was invented.With the feature long lifetime, energy saving, high efficiency and environment protective, Led light was applied in many industries. And led lights are the sustainable, and the smart, functional choice.

  • [Product News] TV Studio Room Lighting Scheme and Lighting Selection

    The commonly used lighting arrangement method of TV news studio is 12 o'clock scheme design, with various light sources shining in the middle of the recording and broadcasting area, including surface light, side light, top light, back light and background light, then how to choose the lighting for these five light sources?

  • [Company News] The One Studio New Showroom -- Part One

    The One Studio moved to a new factory in Zhaoqing in July 2021, address in Building C8-2#, Wanyang Zhongchuang Town, High-tech District, Zhaoqing, China. The scale is 3 times that of the previous factory. Therefore, the final design of the Show room took half a year, our engineers consulted a lot of

  • [Product News] Part one - What are the types of led stage lighting

    Today, I will introduce the distribution of led stage lighting on the stage, which can be divided into front light, back light, top light, side light, foot light, etc. The light positions are as follows.

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