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How to use the Embedded Electric Flip LED Soft Panel Light in Conference Hall?

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Embedded Electric Flip LED Soft Panel Light (3)

The 200W embedded manual flip LED conference panel light is a lighting fixture for meeting room. designed for applications like conference lighting or film and television flat lighting. It adopts high-efficiency light source LED chip lamp bead array, color rendering index ≥95, light color consistency, video image color reproduction is true and clear, and meets high-definition shooting. High luminous efficiency, high brightness, to meet the stage illumination; it can be manually flipped at 0-60 degrees, directly used as a surface light or top light, the light is very uniform, and it is very shiny on the human face. It makes use of SMD LED chip beads arranged in a large area, allowing for high brightness. It's housed in an aluminum shell which facilitates natural heat dissipation, ensuring the light remains bright and cool, all while operating quietly, They are commonly used in conference settings. These models are known for their high output beam, power-efficiency, and long lifespan. The light is sleek, with a die-casting aluminum body and a 120-degree beam angle. It's also equipped with an LCD screen for easy operation.It is widely used in video conference rooms, multi-function halls, multimedia conference rooms, lecture halls and other places.

Embedded Electric Flip LED Soft Panel Light (1)

Today let’s talk about how to use the Embedded Electric Flip LED Soft Panel Light in Conference Hall? Using the Embedded Electric Flip LED Soft Panel Light in a conference hall is pretty straightforward. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1.Consider the placement of the lights. The lights should be evenly distributed across the room. For meetings where the main focus is on the front side where the speaker is, use the LED Spotlights to highlight that specific area.

2.The Embedded Electric Flip LED Tricolor Conference Light, designed for Conference Light, uses high brightness SMD LED chips beads arranged in a large area. The whole aluminum shell realizes heat dissipation naturally. This light has high brightness, good heat dissipation, and is ultra-quiet.

3.When setting up lights for video conferencing, your key light (the main light that illuminates the subject) should be at a 45-degree angle to the camera, on the side of the subject's face most illuminated by natural light (e.g., a window). The key light should be the brightest in the setup.

4.Invest in adjustable lights. LED video conference lighting should be compact, adjustable, easily mounted on your device, and flattering. It should be energy-efficient, adjustable in brightness and color temperature.

Remember, the light focuses on the main parts of the room, and the lighting should be flattering and not cause any discomfort to the attendees. So, adjust the brightness and color temperature to create a comfortable and productive environment.

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