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The One Studio Root For 2022 Qater World Cups

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The World Cup is the dream stage of every football fan, and it is also the most coveted sacred glory in the field of football in various countries around the world. The World Cup is held every four years, and any FIFA can send a team to sign up for this event. The World Cup is the source and foundation of the development and popularization of football in the world, so it is also known as the "Cup of Life". The purpose of the World Cup is to carry forward and carry forward the "soccer spirit". In a broad sense, it is actually the same as any sports event such as the Olympic Games, which conveys a spirit of hard work and continuous struggle. For fans, it is a visual feast of peak duels, and for non-fans, they can also share passionate and magnificent performances again and again.


The opening ceremony of the 2022 Qatar World Cup held at the Gulf Stadium last Sunday night. It's exciting to see such a big event. Everyone looks happy and excited. As we have seen, the Gulf Stadium is magnificent. In order to light up every corner of the Stadium and many performance held in the stage inside the Stadium. That need to use a mass of lighting fixtures to illuminate. And also need to use a lot of stage base lighting. What kind of stage base lighting can be use in such big event? Below two lights from The One Studio are very suitable use in these big activity


The TH-357 Fan-Less 200W Led Fresnel Light from THE ONE STUDIO,  use imported led lamp, cool and warm color (3200 or 5600K) options, with high CRI and bright effect. The beam angle can be manually adjusted between 15° and 50°, DMX controlled electronic strobe, Dimming is smooth 16-bit impressive from 0% to 100%, selectable dimming curve modes, PWM from 500HZ to 25000HZ for matching any camera type, flicker free operation for Broadcast TV and Film. 3pin DMX and Powercorn in/out connections, touch screen LCD control display panel, Fan-less no noise cooling system, very suitable for any applications. With so many functions, this Led fresnel light as a perfect face light can be used in the big stage and events.


TH-325 300W Bi-Color Led Soft Panel Light from The One Studio, This 300W LED high power soft panel light,it is using 2112pcs 0.28W SMD leds, you can have it both warm white and cool white, adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6000K. Dimming is impressive from 0% to 100%. With full DMX control with RDM compatibility. Standard, incandescent,quick and linear total 4 kinds of dimmer curve optional, frequency is adjustable from 500hz-25000hz..Soft Panel light can be used as the top light in lounge or  passage inside the Stadium.

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