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The One Studio Company Culture

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THE ONE STUDIO is a high-tech enterprise engaged in research manufacturing and marking of professional LED stage lighting, who has over 12 years experience for the LED tech for studio light. Today we would like to make a further introduction of our company culture so that you can learn more about us. Our Values are Integrity, Honest, Innovation and Efficient: We established company and start business in stage lighting from 2006. Then in 2011, we made production department to produce stage lighting. From 2015, we focused on private model production on led studio light. In 2021, we moved our factory from Guangzhou to Zhaoqing, and THE ONE STUDIO has a rapid development from here. As you can see, in the past 12 years, we never stop our steps, always do our best to achieve our values. At present, the company products have been exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, and Africa and so on, which was more than 120 countries and regions.


Our Mission is Base on technology, light up the world, giving more and more research and development of services and products with high technological value. The main products involve LED profile spotlight, led fresnel light, led soft panel light etc. Also has all sorts of accessories for the unit, which are widely used for the studio room, catwalk show, concert, stage, city lighting, museum and other areas. With 60 workers and over 8000 square meter factory, we have a full line of workshop equipment, strictly QC department, and a group of R&D engineers. Our goal is developing professional studio lights, and make them accessible to each client. And our engineers and technicians have extensive experience in the led studio lighting industry for more than 10 years. Continuous researching and developing ensure that our high quality products could give you the competitive advantage to your customers and market. All kinds of products with superior quality, novel style, precision technology and cost performance are widely accepted by the industry.


Our Vision is Focus on becoming one of the best-selling brand in the world, bring more innovative professional lighting to the market. Our CEO Mr. Power always said ,we must be focus on led studio light and do it well, only good quality can bring us good business, and THE ONE studio can have good development all the way. In 2017, we successfully developed the ip65 led ellipsoidal light with auto zoom and auto cutting for the cultural tourism market, and it get highly popular in the market. In 2018, THE ONE STUDIO became a well -known brand in the studio stage lighting industry. What’s more, in this year, we launch out ip65 fan-less mini leko light series, including 30w and 80w waterproof mini profile light. Also we own many designs patent and utility patent for all these products. All these patent products help us earn many reputation from the high market. If you want to know more about The One Studio, pls kindly keep following us.

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