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Warmly Welcome The Professional Committee of Stage, Film, And Television Lighting of The Chinese Lighting Society Visited The One Studio

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On  12th  October, the Stage Film and Television Lighting Professional Committee of the Chinese Lighting Society (hereinafter referred to as the Special Committee) visited The One Studio for on-site inspection and research work.


Chairman Li Lingfeng warmly welcomed the visit of the Special Committee on behalf of The One Studio at the meeting, and hopes to deepen communication and cooperation between enterprises and the special committee through this research, and jointly discuss the latest technology and application of lighting equipment in the field of stage film and television. Subsequently, Sales Director Chen Wei introduced the company's development status and practical achievements to the research team.


The research team consists of Wang Jingchi, the director of the special committee and a professor level senior engineer at China Central Radio and Television Corporation 、Zhou Zhengping, the deputy director of the special committee and a professor (second level) at Zhejiang Art Vocational College、Liu Ming, a member of the special committee, executive vice chairman of the expert liaison committee, and senior engineer at Heilongjiang Radio and Television Station、Gao Yuanyuan, a member of the special committee and a first-class dance beauty lighting engineer at Tianjin Radio and Television Station、is also a member of the special committee Luo Hongfeng, a first-class photographer from Shanghai Broadcasting and Television Station、Zhang Ran, a member of the special committee and a second-level art designer from Pearl Film Group、Yun Zhongfeng, an expert of the special committee and a third level stage technology from the Central Opera House,Zhang Xu, a secretary of the special committee and a designer from Beijing CTV Lighting Design Co., Ltd.,  total of 8 expert teachers formed an expert research group to participate in the lighting research work.


Director Wang Jingchi, on behalf of the Special Committee, introduced the purpose of this research that hope to understand the current development status of cutting-edge technologies in the industry and further contribute to the development of the industry through on-site inspections and research of enterprises.


Subsequently, the expert group moved to the exhibition hall for on-site inspection. The research team visited multiple product categories in the exhibition hall and conducted research and evaluation on the characteristics, performance, advantages, etc. of each product.

The products displayed on site this time include:TH-344 LED IP65 Rated Ellipsoidal (With Auto zoom/Auto cutting), IP65 mini profile light series, TH-355 Waterproof Rated RGBAL LED Fresnel Light with Auto Zoom, TH-349 200W/300W Fan-less IP65 LED Profile Spot,TH-325 300W Full Color Led Soft Panel Light, etc.


During the inspection process of lighting equipment, the outstanding performance of The One Studio lighting fixtures in terms of light quality, spot, and other aspects, as well as their clever optical design, received praise from the expert research group. The teachers from the expert research group also provided valuable suggestions for the research and design of The One Studio’s products.

The One Studio, as a leading studio lighting enterprise in the domestic industry, actively participates in lighting research work, learns and exchanges excellent advanced technologies and mature experiences, and jointly promotes communication and development between industries.

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