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China Performing Arts Association Visits The One Studio

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profile light

On May 24, Zhu Xincun, Chairman of the China Performing Arts Equipment Association, Zhou Chunzhi, Vice Chairman and Director of the Shanghai Office, and Ding Man, Operation Director of the Media Integration Center, visited The One Studio for a field visit and exchange. CEO Mr.Power of The One Studio, they visited the company's hardware workshop, production workshop, material warehouse, finished product warehouse, testing and inspection area, office area and product exhibition hall, and learned about The One Studio's products in all aspects.

During the visit, CEO Mr. Power gave a detailed introduction to the company's situation, honorary qualifications, product lines, product applications, etc. Our company was established in 2011. It is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of stage basic lights, led profile lights, led fresnel spotlights, and led soft panel lights. It has more than 160 patent inventions, and its products have obtained ETL, FCC, BIS, KC, CE and other certificates. Its products include mini leko  light series (conventional), mini leko light series (waterproof), conventional profile lights, waterproof electric zoom spotlights, waterproof electric cutting/electric zoom profile lights, full-color soft panel lights, etc.

leko light

LED Studio Stage Lights are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings: 

Theatres and Performance Venues: Stage lights are an integral part of the performance space. They are used to illuminate characters and specific scenes based on the development of the plot. This lighting design can present the design intention to the audience in a visual way, creating various artistic effects. 

Concerts and Music Festivals: Whether indoors or outdoors, LED stage lights can provide powerful lighting effects and can adjust the color temperature and brightness flexibly according to the rhythm and emotional changes of the music, providing both visual and auditory enjoyment for the audience. 

TV and Film Production: In TV shows and movie shooting, lighting is an extremely important part. LED stage lights can provide a range of lighting effects, from soft to intense, helping the production team to shoot more vivid and visually impactful scenes.

Events and Exhibitions: In various events and exhibitions, LED stage lights can also create a variety of lighting effects. Whether it's highlighting exhibits or creating an atmosphere, it can have a great effect. 

Nightclubs and Dance Halls: LED stage lights can create a variety of colorful lighting effects, combined with the rhythm of music, creating a lively and exciting stage atmosphere.

Afterwards, the two sides had a cordial exchange in the product exhibition hall and tested a number of products independently developed by The One studio. Chairman Zhu Xincun put forward some suggestions and expectations, hoping that The One Studio would further enhance the functions of the lamps such as one lamp for multiple uses, full color temperature, continue to strengthen R&D capabilities, strengthen the core competitiveness of the brand, seize opportunities to strengthen publicity, actively participate in activities, exhibitions and inspections, accurately position, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, give full play to the advantages of the company, and play a leading role in the industry. Mr. Power expressed his sincere gratitude to the leaders of the association for their professional guidance and suggestions and recognition and support for the company, and said that the company will continue to provide customers with high-quality products in the future.

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