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The Lighting Exhibitions The One Studio attended in 2020

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2020 was a special year for everyone, the same to The One Studio. Affected by the COVID-19, there were many exhibitions have to canceled or delayed, including Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2020. So, no matter the online exhibitions or the offline events, we always did the best and keep forward always. Now, let us look back.

The first event we participated was 2020 Canton Fair by MIC, which was held online from 2020-6-15 to 2020-6-24. This was the first online exhibition we joined, a fresh new way for us to communicate with the foreign customers---Streaming. Customers can make a visit by entering our online meeting room to check the products they want to know. Via online chatting, customers' questions or further requirements also can be settled down very soon even though we can't face to face. Generally speaking, besides get online exhibition experience, we also earn great reputation among customers. 


The second exhibition was The Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2020, which was from 21–24 August 2020. In this exhibition, many new products were the first time to be showed to the public, including 300w full color led soft panel light, led ip65 rated ellipsoidal with auto zoom/auto cutting, ip65 rated rgbal led fresnel light with auto zoom. As this was the only offline event for stage lighting industry, this event attracted many customers to make a visit. In the first day, we had received over 80 customers, many of them showed big interests in our new products. Additionally, thanks to the over 130 square meters spaces booth, we set up two different scenes, one was news studio room, the main products were 220w led soft panel light and 200w led folding fresnel spotlight; The other is conference room, the featured products were 300w die casting aluminum led profile spot light and 300w full color led soft panel light. Outside the booth, we also specially built a cistern to show how our IP65 led profile light and IP65 led fresnel light work in the rain or outdoor.


The last exhibition was the Prolight + Sound Shanghai online conference, which providing a one-stop sourcing and learning platform in a new dimension. As this event's main target was the domestic customers and the promoted by video recording, we nominated our domestic sales manager Ms.Lee to take charge of this event. In the video at first, Ms. Lee made an introduction of the company develop history and current situation, then she focus on four products introduction: 2020 new launched models fan-less 300w soft panel light, ip65 led profile light, waterproof fan-less led fresnel light, and 300w die casting aluminum led profile spot light. This online conference totally attracted more than over 1000 people to watch

In the 2021, with the recover of all over world economy and  situation become better and better, there must be more exhibitions be held, The One Studio will be there too, pls keep following us. During this waiting time, if you want to know more about our products, pls don't hesitated to contact our sales team!

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