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Review the Prolight + Sound 2021 Guangzhou Show

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led studio lighting

Prolight + Sound 2021 Guangzhou Exhibition ended last week. We have gained a lot from this exhibition. Thanks to the old customers for their support and trust to The One Studio and learn about the new products. In addition, we met many new customers. Due to the impact of COVID-19, many exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed, making it impossible for many foreign customers to participate. Fortunately, Prolight + Sound Guangzhou 2021 is still held as scheduled. This is a great encouragement to the lighting industry.


At the beginning of this show, the new products (IP65 Fanless LED Ellipsoidal Light, IP65 Fanless LED Fresnel Light and Full Color Led Video Soft Light) attracted the attention of many customers for The One Studio. As a high-quality supplier specializing in the production of profile lights, fresnel spotlights and panel soft lights, it has been insisting on developing new products, opening up more markets, and satisfying more customers. The products on show, the waterproof leko light and full-color panel lights occupy the customer's line of sight, and the product's effect function is much praised by the customers.

waterproof ellipsoidal light

An IP65 LED Ellipsoidal light that can achieve IP65 waterproof rating. 300W Ellipsoidal Spotlight system was designed for the studio and other applications where high-definition lighting is a must. About this new product, it can make high power of 300W, It is an innovative waterproof cutting light with rich RGBAL (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime) color light, With RGBAL full color, HSIC intelligent color mix system. uniform light mixing, ever-changing colors,  Fully Tuneable from 2,700 to 12,000K,similar to sunrise to sunset. Adjust high quality mix color. Also with our own optical, make a stable and efficient brightness effect. Control features of the IP Rated LED Ellipsoidal includes auto zoom auto focus, auto shutter cutting, Equipped with high-quality optical system, the light spot is uniform and the image is sharp. Equipped with an intelligent Auto zoom system with 15-30° smooth linear adjustment, precise angular positioning. And it can also do in 300W single warm white or cool white, give you the tungsten or daylight color effect .

300w soft light

Full-color Led Soft Panel Light RGBYW, adopts cast aluminum chassis, and the body automatically dissipates heat. White warm and cool from 2700 K to 8000 K with the possibility to adjust green and magenta. HSI mode allows you to have full control over hue, saturation and intensity of all colours available. With this mode you can control Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White independently.  Considering some usages request no any noise on the lighting, we design this 300W led soft panel light without fan cooling , it is totally silent and you can use it anywhere.high-power silent, no fan, and a variety of lighting modes are available, such as CCT, HSI, RGBW, tungsten lamp effect, sodium lamp effect, halide lamp effect, fluorescent lamp effect, street lamp effect, and It also comes with some special effects: storm effect, police car effect, candlelight effect, slow disco, fast disco, monitor effect, multiple flashes, and finally it also has a color filter effect to meet your various needs for lights.

If you are also interested in these new products, how can you miss this great opportunity!

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