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Lighting layout skills for theater and film shooting

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Lighting layout in film and theaters is an important means of modeling performance. It has the functions of conveying information, expressing the emotions of the characters, setting off the scene atmosphere, and portraying the characters of the characters in the film. In order to achieve the desired effect, professional film and theater lighting design and layout are usually required before filming, such as the number, position, color, brightness, attenuation, shadow and rendering settings of the lights. The following is an introduction to the layout skills of film and theater lighting.

TH-325 (1) Main light

Light source: It is usually the main light source in the scene. We will use it as a reference for color temperature and intensity to set other lights. If the color temperature of the main light is 5000K, when other lights are selected, the color temperature is roughly the same as the main light, and the intensity is lower than that of the main light. Usually a soft light source is used to make the subject look better. The 300W led soft video panel light from The One Studio works well as main light.Position: The greater the angle between the main light and the camera, the stronger the subject's sense of space and the more dramatic the vision. Therefore, before determining the position of the light, you should first consider the visual effect you want to achieve.Height: If we light from below, it will create an unnatural and terrifying effect. If we raise the light 45 degrees above the subject, there will be a good transition on the character's face, thus shaping the character's physical sense.

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(2) Auxiliary light

Function: The role of auxiliary light is to balance the main light and illuminate the shadows left by the main light. Position: Usually we want to place it in a position complementary to the main light, which can balance the shadows left by the main light. If you move to another location, shadows will appear in other areas.Intensity: When we discuss the relationship between the auxiliary light and the main light, we are actually discussing the light ratio. When adjusting the intensity of the auxiliary light, we need to consider what we want to express. Finally, try to adjust the balance between the main light and the auxiliary light until the desired effect is achieved.

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(3) Contour light

Function: The function of the contour light is to separate the subject from the background, especially when the subject has dark hair, skin, clothes, and the background is also very dark, it is easy to mix together. 600W Bi-color led fresnel light is also a good choice as contour light.

Position: We try to stay away from the subject as far as possible, and be careful not to see the lamp or lamp holder in the lens. When we move to the side, we should also be careful not to illuminate the subject’s face.

Intensity: The stronger the contour light creates a stronger sense of layering, but the stronger the contour light, the more unnatural it looks.


(4) Background light

Function: The background light is used to illuminate the background. We use this light to control the coordination between the background and the subject.

Intensity: If the background light is brightened too much, the background will be very bright and will distract attention from the subject, but if there is no background light, the background will lack vitality.

There are many factors that need to be considered in the layout of film and theater lighting. The reasonable setting of main light and auxiliary light is only part of the lighting arrangement in film and theater shooting. There are also more considerations for the selection of film and theater equipment.

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