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The One Studio Mid-Autumn Festival activities

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Corporate culture is an indispensable part of an enterprise. An excellent corporate culture can create a good corporate environment, improve the cultural quality and moral standards of employees, and allow employees to naturally form a cohesion, centripetal force and binding force, forming corporate development. An indispensable spiritual force can make the enterprise play a positive role, so that the enterprise resources can be reasonably allocated, thereby improving the competitiveness of the enterprise. A good corporate culture can drive the healthy development of the enterprise, mobilize the positive performance of employees, make work more enthusiastic, improve production efficiency, and improve the efficiency of the enterprise


Last week, when the Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, The One Studio held the second cultural, sports and art activities. Let's take a look at the programs. The first is the relay race. Each production line team member forms a team and runs around with a bucket of water to the next team member. The competition is quite fierce. Health is the greatest wealth. Life needs to maintain the passion for sports. Every team member is a good athlete. Under the heavy competition, the champion group was born. Even in the competition, there are winners and losers, and the losing team has to do push-ups.


Then, starting at seven o'clock in the evening, The One Studio people gathered in the show room for the awards ceremony. CEO Mr. Li Lingfeng and General Manager Mr. Li Lingyun gave speeches to kick off the party. The One Studio is a friendly team, a successful team makes every The One Studio person! Under the leadership of the two company founders, we unite our team, focus on our goals, and create infinite possibilities for our dreams. Not only that, The One Studio also has a group of excellent management team, although they come from all over the country, but they are united, only for the development of the company is getting better and better. This September is more unforgettable than any September in previous years. During the epidemic, many companies faced various difficulties and challenges, but The One Studio was still busy. The production lines for led profile lights, led fresnel lights and led panel lights are all busy. With everyone's efforts, the The One Studio will change with each passing day.


Finally, start the BBQ and birthday parties. Barbecue is everyone's favorite part. After the previous competition and award ceremony, everyone was enjoying the food to the fullest. This is our fashionable corporate culture, The One Studio people are just like family, we work hard and have fun together.

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