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Led Profile Light In American Church

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How time flies, the first half year of 2020 already gone. Some bad events happend in the half year, such as the coronavirus. Best wishes for the rest of the year. As we all known, there are many churches in American. People like to go to church to pray and confess, and also many people like to get married in church. So the church plays an important part in peoples life. Last month, one of our American customer choosed our led profile light for their church project. We can see from the picture, it is a big church and with a stage. Then the lights in the church must have long irradiation distance. So the customer choose our TH-348 300W RGBAL led profile lights.


The irradiation distance of TH-348 is about 20-30 meter. So it is the best choise for such big church. And it is fully color temperature tuneable from 2,700k to 12,000K, the effect is similar to sunrise to sunset. With RGBAL full color, HSIC intelligent color mix system. Have good Color Selection (RGBAL) and High Color Rendering. Can meet all the requirements of the church for light. The light housing using high quality fireproof die-castingaluminium, with high grade appearance, sturdy and durable. Combine with the led lifetime more than 50000 hours that the lights can used for a long time.


led profile light 02

Also, our TH-348 have 4 kinds of dimmer curve, Standard mode, Incandescent mode, quick mode and linear mode. It can meet the requirements of dimming in different situations. And the frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25K Hz , flicker-free on the cemara. The Cooling system is with the fan of Copper tube which is without any noise, it's very quiet and hardly to hear any voice. Besides, the beam angle can be 19/26/36/50 degree optional. And with 4 pcs of shutter leaf, can make the perfect blackout with different shape. TH-348 is a such perfect led profile light for the church.

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Not only this customer choose our TH-348 led profile light for the church, the other customers also like the led profile for their project. We also have another style TH-361 led profile RGBAL with zoom. The TH-348 is fixed lens but the TH-361 can be manual zoom from 12-30 degree or 25-50 degree. Led profile lights are the main products of our company. We produce more 1000pcs per month. Our products including led profile light, led fresnel spotlight, led panel light and led blinder light. If you are looking for led profile lights for church project, or theater and stage, feel free to contact us.

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