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200W Led Fresnel Light for Church

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LED Fresnel Spotlight are used for lighting of stage and photography. The light source adopts LED, energy saving and environmental protection, and the color temperature range is 3200K-5600K, the CRI (color rendering index) is 90, max can be 95. However, due to different use occasions, there are great differences in operation and control. 

led fresnel light

Generally, the LED Fresnel Light with auto zoom are used on the stage, in various stages, studios, large and medium-sized conference rooms, theater auditoriums, multi-purpose halls and other occasions. These occasions are embedded in the ceiling with ceilings or openings, connected in series by power and signal lines, and regulated by DMX512 signals. Therefore, Fresnel spotlight with zoom are equipped with a signal control mode, which can realize 0~100 linear dimming, color temperature from warm white to positive white conversion, zoom adjust from 15 to 50 degree and so on.Also we have the silent cooling system, hardly to hear any noise, it's very suitable for here.

led stage light

Our customers choose Led Fresnel spotlights for use with back lights and surface lights.Fresnel Lights with small size, light weight, its spots are uniformly distributed, and the adjustment range is large. Its strong illuminance and a narrow range of illumination that are convenient for focusing on a specific location in the scene are the most used lights in the studio. When shooting, Fresnel spotlight is mainly used for lighting and special lighting in large areas, also lighting for characters and stage sets. Due to the adjustable of color temperature, spot and illumination of LED spotlights, the fresnel led lights can be met the different demand on every circumstances according by the user. 

stage lighting

The Church has very high requirements for led lighting! 

The multi-functional stage light - THE ONE STUDIO Led fresnel spotlight has the following advantages:

1. The case of Led stage profile spotlight is designed by ourselves

2. With material of the durable aluminium alloy

3. No smell and is fireproof

4. The size of Led fresnel spotlight is small and its weight is light

5. Design of Manual and Auto zoom with DMX(15-50°)

6. Using energy-efficient imported LED Japanese lamp and high-purity aspherical glass lens, uniform light spot, high brightness, high CRI (Ra≥90, Max can be 97).

7. The Led Fresnel Spotlight It is widely used in Church, T show, Theatres, Television stations, Conference rooms, Hotels and other places. 

If your project has any help, please feel free to contact us.

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