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What we do during the coronavirus epidemic

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300W led soft panel light

As we all know that now the coronavirus spread all over the world, especially in european and american countries. The America now is more than six hundred thousand cases, many people dead. It is sad thing that the whole mankind face this epidemic, what we can do is cutting off the source of transmission and protect ourselves. Under the effective measures by our government and efforts by all medical staffs, the epidemic situation in China have been controlled well.The number of infections is decresing by a large margin and many patients are also recoving. There are still a few existing cases. This is an improtant signal and turning point which means we will win this fight at last. Let us keep moving. 

profile lights

We have come back to work alomost two months as many Chinese companies and factories. The global economy is suffering because of the coronavirus epidemic. The tourism, accommodation and catering sectors have been most affected. Many companies in China export goods to overseas. But now because of the coronavirus epidemic, many companies requested by the government to stop business temporary, so they have to stay at home. Affected by the epidemic, many exporting companies have no orders at the momment. Therefore many small and medium-sized companies went out of business. As a TOP3 company in the field of the Led Stage Lighting, The One Studio although affected,but we still working normally. What do do during the coronavirus epidemic?

profile light

Firstly, we pirchased some patch face mask send to our customers to show our concern although the mask still hard to buy now. Our aim is to do our best to help our customers. And then, except producing some existing orders, that we are doing some lights to make them as stock. When the coronavirus epidemic end and economic recovery, then orders will increase. In case to save the production time, so now we do the stock lights to prepare for future orders. We have 3 production line in our workshop, one is for led profile spotlight, the other two are for led fresnel spotlight and led soft panel light. All the light finished installing on the production line then need to move to our QC line. Each light need to go through 24 hours QC before shipped out.

The One Studio

Besides, our sales also come to factory to learn more about our lights. We learn to install the lights that we can know the structure of them deeply. Only get well acquainted with the products then can introduce them to customers preferably. Then customer will trust you and your products more. The difficulty time is only temporary, I believe we will get over it soon. And the coronavirus epidemic will end up soon. Let us fighting!


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