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Welcome to our family - The One Studio

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The One Studio at the last season of 2017. THE ONE STUDIO is a hightech enterprise engaged in research manufacturing and marking of professional LED studio lighting, who has over 8 years experience for the LED tech for studio light. Our main products involve led profile spotlight, led fresnel light, led soft panel light etc. This year is a brand new beginning for our The One Studio ! 

Why I said that ? Because we moved to a new factory, we spend a lot of time to clean up our factory stock, we begin to do it since May, and finally finished moving all the things to new factory on July ! And here I have to apologize to some of clients, as moving factory did took us a lot of labor and time, so we delay for some order. All of us feel very sorry that time. We suppose that to keep the product and order in time. Luckily, we are so grateful to get you guys understanding, none of you push us for delivery or shipment. Like I always say, never treat a customer as customer but friend ! Because friends are always have each other’s back !

And we do spend a lot of money for renew and upgrade our product line and the produce tool equipment. Now our factory is more tidy and safety, also we hired more professional and experienced worker, warehouse keeper, quality inspector, workshop manager and so on. We make the product line more normalized. With the new product line, now we can maximize the product quantity, and make the quality control strictly. Also we have our own team clothes, the black color with the simple but meaningful logo ! Surely you can see i am wearing this clothes when you come to our facotry. Are you ready to see it ?

See a big table there ! It’s our meeting room. We will hold a meeting each week on Monday once we all back to office or factory. Why? As it can help us to report the problem, discuss the situation met in the work, and find out the solution. Summarize our deficiency during the work or produce, and we also can set a goal to stimulate ourselves.

 Here is a problem in our factory, we dont have time to decorate the showroom ! Due to the time limited, we still not decide how to make the showroom. In order to finish the new factory moving and try to make the produce as soon, we leave the showroom behind; what’s more, we are not willing to making the showroom simple and ordinary, we want to make it as the studio hall or broadcast room. But now we still need more inspiration for it. Either we not make showroom, or we make it perfect, sharply and unforgettable ! So if you have any idea about how to make it, I beg you tell me about it, LOL

How many sales in our factory ? I am not telling you about it. That’s our company’s secret ! But you can see the photo of our office, and then you can find out how many sales inside there, do you see the first guy ? he is very handsome and working so hard ! and that’s me. LOL. As a sales, we dont need a very luxuriant working office ! Our order is not placed by the office environment, what I need is a super computer with network. (however, I still suggest my boss give us a office with swimming poor, badminton court, sauna room with some beautiful girls, then I will work for my boss till death.) 

What’s this ? What are they holding in the hand ? Yep, you guess right, it’s our The One Studio customized KTV room ! Not just for working whole day, we also have fun when we are out of working time. In this KTV room, you can enjoy each of our company worker’s singing (if you have a great power for tolerating the noise). We also hold the birthday party here. Whatever, it’s a very happy place in our facotry. 


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