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Multi-functional Stage Light --- Led Profile Spotlight

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Multi-functional Stage Light --- Led Profile Spotlight

Before introducing the Mini Led Profile Spotlight in the museum, the Led Fresnel Spotlight in the Billiards Masters, the LED Profile Spotlight with Zoom in the Theater, the Led Leko Light in the Church wedding, etc., we introduced the Led Profile Spotlight using on Multi-functional stage. I hope you will like it. And if you need any help for the Led stage light project, welcome to contact us!!

source four ellipsoidal

Multi-function hall stage profile spotlight design generally refers to a variety of scenarios that can meet the usual meetings, discussion reports, press releases, lectures, multimedia teaching and training, and entertainment movie playback. It is similar to the stage lighting design, but there are some differences. The multi-function hall pays more attention to the brightness, and then the stage pays more attention to the performance effect. So that this project used 20units 300w warm white ellipsoidal spotlight as a surface light.

led leko light

Led stage lighting design, the stage lighting of the multi-purpose hall is generally focused on projection, because the profile spotlight is used for meetings, reports, lectures, and training, and the led stage lighting of these key areas is strengthened. At the same time, we also must consider the size of the multi-purpose hall to carry out light-emitting and illuminating, to ensure that the effect of surface light projection is achieved, the illumination is bright enough, the stage light spot is even and soft, and the face of the character is sought to be clear and shiny.

The stage has very high requirements for led lighting! 

The multi-functional stage light - THE ONE STUDIO Led profile spotlight has the following advantages:

1. The case of Led stage profile spotlight is designed by ourselves

2. With material of the black high tenacity ABS

3. No smell and is fireproof

4. The size of Led profile spotlight is small and its weight is light

5. Can be changed different kinds of shade due to 4 pcs of shutter

6. Using energy-efficient imported LED Japanese lamp and high-purity aspherical glass lens, uniform light spot, high brightness, high CRI (Ra≥90, Max can be 97).

7. Adjust the best focal length at will 19°/26°/36°/50° lenses are interchangeable to meet different lighting requirements.

8. There is a hole on the light case allow you put the gobo holder inside and make the excellent gobo effect. 

9. The Led Profile SpotlightIt is widely used in T show, theatres, television stations, conference rooms, hotels and other places. 

If your project has any help, please feel free to contact us.

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