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Mini Profile Light for Small Theatre

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20w mini profile

Small size with big effect of the 20W Mini Leko Light, theatrical working tool of any svetovik, and now in a compact version, with a powerful LED and a full set of functionality for easy and relaxed work.


The small size of the profile spotlights allows them to be used in any installations: theaters, assembly halls, exhibitions, museums, shopping halls, clubs, restaurants, and even in home interiors. Standard body color: black and white.

mini leko effectMini profile spotlight equipped with a powerful LED 20 W - Warm White 3200K / Cool White 5600K, or 2 in 1 - WW + CW. Color rendering index (CRI) Ra ≥ 90.

Optionally, the projectors are available with a disclosure angle of 19 ° / 26 ° / 36 ° / 50 ° and are manually focused on the tube.

mini leko light (5)

Led Mini Profile 20W RC model is equipped with a power supply and a control signal receiver from a compact portable push-button console, which allows you to adjust and adjust some parameters (brightness, on / off, scene programming) in 99 fixtures separately or group fixtures.


Led Mini Profile 20W DMX model has a DMX-512 wired signal receiving unit (1/3 channels in a single-color version and 2/5 channels in a two-color version) + various options for operation (auto, master-slave, sound), adjustable via an available push-button menu.

led mini leko light

Finally, the customer used the mini leko 20W DMX model in a small theater, a simple stage design, using mini leko light as a face light. With more brightness, arrays uniformity. It's no any fans inside, so it's no any noise. Mini profiles can be placed on the farm, on the track, embedded in the scenery and that is very cool, you can not depend on the control panel ... but if you need to hook on the light console, no problem, the version with DMX and the work boil !!!

Everything is very mobile, functional and economical !!!


New Led profile spotlights available for order. Welcome to contact THE ONE STUDIO.

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