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Led Video Panel Light for Office

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The One Studio has been known for many years as a professional LED studio & stage lighting manufacturer. With the development of the technology, The One Studio also have a high promotion on tech of develop lighting. The One Studio focus on Led Profile Spot light, Led Fresnel Spotlight, Led Blinder Light, Led Video Panel Light and so on.


Here I want to share our TH-335 Led Video Panel Light, which produce above 300pcs each month. Led Video Panel Light is widely used for the market of TV Show, Video Room, Photography Room, Theater, News Program and so on. 


Led Video Panel with high brightness and high CRI for film and television, through the DMX512 module system, make it dimmer, can completely replace the traditional tricolor soft lights. What's more, our Panel light is IP65 with excellent waterproof function, it can be mounted and applied to outdoor. A weatherproof Die-casting Aluminum housing protects internal components and is powder coated to resist rust.


The Led Video Panel lighting system was designed for the studio and other applications where high-definition lighting is a must. The color temperature produces the cool and warm color (3200 or 5600K), and (3200K-5600K).


Here is one of our customers use led video panel light in both office room and meeting room. Usually, in office room, people use tube for lighting. But our customer try a new way, he use our TH-335 Led Video Panel Light on office room and meeting room. The video panel light is bright but soft, with wide range and silent. When open several pieces video panel light on one side, it can shine to our desk. And though open all video panel light, when workers on meeting, it still very silent, it will not affect them to discuss. With long lift time, bright and soft. That's why customers choose our led video panel light.

Led Video Panel Light 

Led Video Panel Light 


Hope my share project today can help you know more about our led video panel light, and if you want to know more it, just contact us: www.theonestudio.com.cn, we are on line all the time.

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