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Led Fresnel Spotlight for 2017 Hong Kong Billiards Masters

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Do you like watching the billiard game ?

If so, do you pay attention to the 2017 billiards Hong Kong Masters ?

LED fresnel spotlights for Billiards MastersIt was organized by the Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council Co, Ltd, the Hong Kong Masters 2017 is held from 20 to 23 July. 

It is not only one of the major celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, but also the greatest snooker event in Hong Kong in decades. Being the first event in Hong Kong to be sanctioned by World Snooker Limited (WSL), the tournament will be held and regulated in accordance with the standards applicable to all current televised professional snooker tournaments.

The Hong Kong Masters 2017 provides an unprecedented opportunity for local people to catch a glimpse of the World Champion super stars and for all of us to indulge in the world of Snooker, further promoting the sport of Snooker among local community.

For The One Studio, we are so proud to participate in such important match as offering our lighting equipment for the game ! 

Our client chose the Led Fresnel spotlight for spot the desk and participant. Fresnel Lights with small size, light weight, its spots are uniformly distributed, and the adjustment range is large. Its strong illuminance and a narrow range of illumination that are convenient for focusing on a specific location in the scene are the most used lights in the studio. When shooting, Fresnel spotlight is mainly used for lighting and special lighting in large areas, also lighting for characters and stage sets. Due to the adjustable of color temperature, spot and illumination of LED spotlights, the fresnel led lights can be met the different demand on every circumstances according by the user. 

By the way, expect for this model, you can also use the Led Profile Spotlight (Led leko light), flat Led Panel light, Led Blinder Light and so on. As this game was with live TV, the lighting effect play a important part for it. Our light is used the high quality imported LED lamp, with perfect color temperature and CRI over 95. Made them look like natural sunlight and mimics the performance of tungsten fixtures. Their temperatures and tints can be tweaked to perfectly illuminate individual skin tones. Also we have the silent cooling system, hardly to hear any noise, it's very suitable for here.

By the way, do you remember who the champion is?! 

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