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Led Fresnel Light for Boxing Match

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LED fresnel spotlight

This is a LED fresnel spotlight project for Boxing Match, which is famous in Germany. The contestant is from all over the world, they try their best to show their ability and get good achievement.

For this project, what lights we use for it? 

Yes, you can see that we use our led fresnel spotlight for it. We use imported Led Lamp for led fresnel light, with high CRI and high brightness. The case adopts high quality aluminum alloy case, and the optical path design is advanced and reasonable. With light weight, small volume, soft projection light, uniform spot distribution, and large spot adjustment range. In the mean while, we choose a better fan of copper tube which is without any noise, LED Fresnel Lighting is very quiet and hardly to hear any voice. It's widely used in Studio Room, TV Show, different match and so on.

LED fresnel light for boxing match

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