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IP65 LED Leko Profile Lighting in Amusement Park

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ellipsoidal light (1)

The One Studio launched this latest LED IP65 Rated Ellipsoidal (With Auto zoom/Auto cutting), which completely subverts the traditional leko light design and pushes the leko light to an unprecedented height. It is a big change for the led profile spot light. The four-piece auto cutting system cut-light film can pass through the DMX512 console. Separately adjust the depth and angle of each cutting piece, you can freely cut out triangles, rectangles, rectangles, trapezoids and other shapes. The carefully designed optical system, the light spot is delicate and uniform without blue edges, and the fast and smooth auto zoom, the angle is from 15 ° to 30°, switch between large and small spots and electric focus, clear and sharp. 

ellipsoidal light (3)

The main research and development of innovative LED waterproof ellipsoidal stage lights, the white version with a color temperature of  3200k or 5600k can be selected according to actual application projects. The color temperature is pure, and the color rendering index is greater than 90. The color light version is a combination of RGBAL five-in-one, with a high-quality optical system that makes the color mixing rich and uniform, and the pre-made color temperature is accurately adjustable from 2700k to 12,000k. Equipped with an auto zoom system 15-30°, which can be adjusted linearly and smoothly. The integrated cutting system ensures smooth cutting and precise control. The four cutting blades can cut semicircles, sectors, and arbitrary polygons. One standard rotating gobos can be used inside the lamp. The effect is more colorful, and the effect of using patterns can be projected on the outdoor stage, flowers, trees, and buildings. With the continuous innovation of performance forms, the previous large-scale indoor performances are gradually integrated with outdoor performances. The product has an IP65 waterproof rating. It is suitable for performance venues with real-life performances, commercial performances or outdoor lighting applications. It is an excellent cultural and creative product. 

This project is an outdoor performance in an amusement park and has waterproof requirements, so the 300w waterproof imaging light meets the customer's requirements, and there is no problem in using it on rainy days. According to the requirements of the stage design, 50 pieces of 5-color RGBAL were finally purchased, and the brightness was enough to achieve the desired effect. Later will share more project use this IP 65 ellipsoidal Light in different places.

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