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Hotel Annual Meeting Project in Taiwan

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Modern companies pay more and more attention to the construction of corporate culture. It is an effective way to increase the feelings and mutual trust between the company and employees by holding annual meetings. Generally, different types of annual meetings will be set up according to industry characteristics, corporate personnel composition, corporate culture, seasonal characteristics, and cost budgets, so as to achieve the purpose of holding annual meetings. Annual meetings of companies are usually gathering company popularity and rewarding outstanding employees. Inspire employees morale and report the company's performance and achievements throughout the year. The annual meeting is the Spring Festival of the company and marks the end of one year's work of a company and organization. The company's annual meeting will be accompanied by important contents such as employee recognition, corporate history review, and future business prospects. The annual corporate annual meeting can deepen employee's feelings toward the company, increase communication and exchange among employees, enhance the sense of teamwork among employees, create a positive working environment in the company, and improve employee morale. This will improve the company’s work efficiency and steadily increase company performance.

Because the venue for this project is in the Taiwan hotel, like the conference hall.So that we suggest clients use the 300W led fresnel light, 200W COB par light and some moving head light in this project. The led fresnel light and cob par light o make sure the lighting effect as nature as day light, we use the led imported from Japan, with perfect CRI of 90.

Hotel Annual Meeting Project

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