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Factory fire drill --- The One Studio

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In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of construction workers, make production personnel familiar with how to use fire extinguishers, master the emergency response and escape skills for sudden fires, learn to extinguish fires and carry out personnel and financial evacuation in an orderly manner, to ensure the safety of employees' lives and property. On the morning of March 1, 2023, weaving employees conducted a spring fire emergency drill.

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All staff of The One Studio Company participated in this drill, and conducted a fire fighting drill. First of all, the person in charge of the safety department explained the principle of using the fire extinguisher and related precautions, and drilled how to use the fire extinguisher. Afterwards, the construction workers who participated in the drill personally experienced the process of extinguishing the fire on site. According to the steps and methods of extinguishing the fire, they successfully extinguished the thick smoke and fire, and managed to face the sudden phenomenon calmly and calmly. . Secondly, the evacuation drill process took 10 minutes. The production employees evacuated in an orderly manner under the guidance of the supervisor, and no crowding, trampling, or falling incidents occurred. It took 5 minutes to gather and count the number of people at the station. The heads of each department were diligent and responsible, and no one who stayed in the workshop without reason and did not participate in the fire evacuation drill was found. Finally, it summarizes the importance of this fire drill for the handling of on-site emergencies, and emphasizes that the measures of "prevention first and combination of prevention and fire prevention" should be adopted for fires at the construction site.

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After this fire drill, all employees are familiar with the escape route and precautions in case of fire, mastered escape skills and escape skills, understood the common sense of fire safety, improved fire safety awareness, and understood the principle and use of portable dry powder fire extinguishers Methods: No unexpected safety incidents occurred during the evacuation drill, and the fire drill was carried out in full accordance with the predetermined plan. The fire drill reached the expected purpose and ended satisfactorily.

To prevent fires before they happen, the responsibility for fire protection is more important than Mount Tai. Through this fire drill, the prevention awareness and fire fighting ability of the construction workers have been enhanced, all the staff have a better understanding of the common sense of fire safety, and the ability to respond to fires has also been improved. Because the company mainly produces stage lamps (led ellipsoidal light, led theater light, led soft panel light), electronic products are prone to short circuits, so this exercise not only trained the construction personnel on site, but also trained all departments of the project department Organizational ability, command ability and adaptability of the person in charge.

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