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Exhibitions The One Studio Attended These Years

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The one 01

The One Studio was founded in 2007, is a professional manufacturing enterprise, we set R & D, production and marketing in one. As the concept of our company-innovation is always the first productive force. Therefore, we develop some new models every season. As a leading professional manufacturer of LED studio and stage lighting equipment, as well as the latest model of Led studio lighting, we help customers expand our business.


In order to let more people know The One Studio, we spend a lot on the B2B platform, such as Alibaba and Made-in-China. With upload products pictures on these B2B website, when the customers browse the website, that they can know about our products. Also, we make advertisement in various social platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We share our company news , products new and exhibition news on the social platforms so that more people know our brand The One Studio.


Except the B2B platform and social platforms, we atted exhibitions several times one year. The first exhibition we attended was in 2011, the prolight show in Guangzhou. And then we attended the Prolight + Sound Exhibition in Guangzhou, Shanghai & Beijing in 2014. The the Prolight + Sound Exhibition is the biggest and most professional lighting trade show, most of the big factory and experts will be there. 


In the year of 2016, we are not just attended the exhibition at home, in order to make the brand The One Studio Known in the overseas market,we go abord to attend the exhibitions. In the same year, we attended the India Palmexpo, KOBA Show of Korea and LDI Show in USA. From the year of 2014, we attended the lighting exhibitions at least two times one year in at home and abroad.


With the continuous improvement of technology and product quality, The popularity of The One Studio is increasing. We will creat more goods products and constantly attend the exhibitions. That more and more people know our brand The One Studio.

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