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Design for theater stage lighting (Part One)

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Theater is a place dedicated to performing entertainment such as drama, opera, song and dance, folk art, music, etc. The current theater also has the function of showing movies and large and medium-sized conferences.

Today let’s show you the lighting directions design for theater stage .

profile light

Front light

Installed at the top of the auditorium outside the stage curtain. The light is projected from the front to the performance area in front of the stage, and the lights that illuminate the faces of the actors are surface lights. It can obtain general brightness, eliminate the "dead spots" that are easy to produce in the picture, and can also adjust the light ratio to increase or decrease the contrast to show the effect of equalization and avoid partial underexposure. However, if this light is not used in conjunction with other light levels, it will lack brightness levels and three-dimensionality. Therefore, the surface light can only be used as the basic lighting and basic color, and it does not play the main task on the stage, and cannot be the main light and the tool for shaping the image. Normally we will use led fresnel light and led ellipsoidal spotlight for the front lighting.

fresnel light

Low side front light (uplight)

The stage light is generally set at the front end of the second floor of the auditorium, which can increase the overall brightness of the front of the stage. Floodlights can illuminate the stage and the auditorium near the stage. The overhead light can provide auxiliary lighting for TV broadcasts and conference news reports. The light is projected on the stage performance area from both sides and low front, which is a supplement to the "surface light". LED video soft panel light is very suitable for low side front light.

led soft panel light

Kicker light (outside the stage light)

The light is cast from the side to the light positions in the stage performance area, which are called left and right slaps. It is used to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the characters and scenery, forming the lighting effect of the front side, and produce the shaping effect. If it is matched with the light ratio of the dark part properly, it can also obtain ample and powerful modeling effect. People’s viewing angle is sensitive to the changes of side light. Side light is the main light of the light-receiving surface of characters and scenes, and an important tool for modeling; modeling is the main and lighting is supplemented. In order to achieve vertical lighting, there are no less than 2 lights in the horizontal direction. Two or more rows of slaps with the same light color are projected at the same time. The high-position lamp usually projects the high beam area, and the low-position lamp usually projects the low beam area. The slap lamp can be installed or placed in the slap room. The slap room should not obstruct the passage of the audience and not obstruct the sight of the side seat audience. The optical axis of the lamp extends through the edge of the stage frame to the horizontal projection of the performance area and the horizontal clamp formed by the central axis of the stage. The angle should not be greater than 45°, so that the audience in the side seats can see the side frame of the proscenium without affecting the sound transmission of the prosthetic speakers. LED fresnel spotlight is widely use for kicker light.

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