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600W Bi-color Led Fresnel Spotlight for the Theater

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LED Fresnel Spotlight or LED Soft Fresnel Light, LED Film Spotlight. The fresnel light is the workhorse of all theatre lights. Fresnels are very versatile lights that are often used for stage colour washes, as well as for selective highlighting. The ease of blending the light beam from one fresnel with that of an adjacent fresnel makes them quick to point and focus onto the stage ready for use.

led fresnel light

The light source adopts LED, energy saving and environmental protection, and the color temperature range is 30000K-6000K, the CRI (color rendering index) is 90, max can be 95. However, due to different use occasions, there are great differences in operation and control. This is very convenient.

led fresnel spotlight

Why are LED Fresnel spotlights available to customers?

1. Low power consumption, High brightness

The 600W LED stage fresnel spotlight(2in1 300w each) LED replaces the 2000W tungsten spotlight in the traditional thermal light source.


2. High CRI and High Color Reduction

Color rendering index Ra≥92, high color reproduction degree. Color Temperature adjust from 3000K - 6000K. Consistent light color, Satisfying high-definition shooting; Soft projection light, Uniform spot distribution, Large spot adjustment range. Even light field and a crisp, clear shadow.

3.Linear dimming stability, Intelligent temperature protection

With LCD touch screen and the knob control makes it easy to operate menus and adjust colors. RDM compatibility, DMX 512, mater and slave, auto running, and sound mode. Consists of 4 different dimmer curve, liner, quick, standard, incandescent. Adjustable dimmer frequency from 500 Hz to 25000 Hz. Color temperature from 3000 to 6000K flicker free,1-100 percent dimming and an adjustable channel feature. To meet the needs of different stage effects; the use of overclocking three fan copper tube cooling, intelligent constant temperature control, good ventilation.

led stage light

For this theater project, the clients purchased 600W Bi-color led fresnel spotlight and some led profile leko light. Help the clients to light up the world by our studio lighting fixture !

The basic light configuration of the theater is divided into several parts, such as face light, slap light, side light, top light, back light, and sky light. As the main light in the performance area, the face light is mainly used to illuminate the front performance area of the stage, which plays a positive role for the performers on the stage. For character modeling or for the stereoscopic effect of objects on the stage. The configuration of the face light is generally 300W LED Fresnel Spotlight + 300W LED Leko Profile Light.

If your project has any help, please feel free to contact us.

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