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400W RGBW Led Profile Spot Light for The Stage Show

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Zoom Led Profile Spotlight

A few days ago, our customer shared a beautiful stage show with us. The One Studio's 400w RGBW Zoom Led Profile Spotlight played an Indispensable role in this Unforgettable and wonderful perform. Colorful and dynamic lighting effects brought a stunning visual experience to the audience.

Leko stage light

The plot of the stage drama can be original or adapted from novels, animations, TV series, movies, etc. The combination of light and color is an important part for stage lighting to create artistic effects and art modeling.So a successful stage play is inseparable from professional stage lighting.

Stage Led profile spotlight

Our Stage Led profile spotlight meets the aesthetic design and combines practicality, functionality and artistry. Being able to evoke different changes in people's mood, the Light color perfectly expresses the breadth and richness of human emotions. The psychological effect of this kind of concrete transformation into a abstract association is the sublimation of the use of stage .

Led Profile Spot Light

This fashion appearance 400w LED Ellipsoidal Lighting use high quality fireproof aluminium die casting housing, with high grade appearance, sturdy and durable, corrosion-resistance and Oxidation resistance. IC chip is Nichia from citizen LED, the CRI is over 90, can reach 97,which beautifully illuminates skin tone or highlights architectural features. Crisp optics design that make no blue leak, no burr and arrays uniformity.Zoom scale from 12-30 degree/ 25-50 degree.Enjoy incredibly bright and colorful light output with minimal power draw and less heat for the performer and audience. Easily put light where you want, how you want, with manual focus plus zoom and frame shutters. There are no color gels to wear out or require climbing the rafters to change as the Leko stage light is with the RDM, clients can set the ID address accordly by a DMX controller with RDM function.

Do you also want a super led profile spot light like this? If yes,Please contact The One Studio without hesitation.

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