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300W RGBAL Led Ellipsoidal Light in Russian Program

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Have you ever seen a interview programme program, whether it is a live or in television, with a good lighting that successfully impress you? As we know, a Program is not one-single-person job to make everything works just exactly like it should be. Many aspects should be really paid attention and one of them is lighting. LED ellipsoidal lighting are getting more popular and mostly used for many occasions. By using a little power, this kind of light impresses everyone with its brightness. So, what is exactly LED stage ellispoidal light? And how it is different with the other studio light? Through this article, you will read some information about LED studio leko lighting.

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What is 300W RGBAL Led Ellipsoidal?

300W RGBAL Ellipsoidal Spotlight system was designed for the studio and other applications where high-definition lighting is a must. Make with high power of 300W, using RGBAL 5IN1 LED, color included Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime. With RGBAL full color, HSIC intelligent color mix system. Fully tuneable from 2,700 to 12,000K, similar to sunrise to sunset. Adjust high quality mix color. Also with our own optical, make a stable and efficient brightness effect. Led leko light's optics are exclusively developed. With clearly image, no blue leak, no burr and arrays uniformity. 4 pcs of shutter leaf, can make the perfect blackout with different shape. Using the LCD touch screen, more convenient operation control products. There are 4 kinds of dimmer curve: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, Quick mode and Linear mode. The frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25000 Hz, flicker-free on the camera, very suitable for all different kinds of event: studio room, stage, TV show and so on.

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Advantages of LED Stage Light

As mentioned before, LEDs are getting more popular nowadays. It means this kind of lamp successfully impresses many people with its merits. The first advantage LED has is its friendly-environment compared to other conventional lamps. It is because it uses less power but still offers bright light. The second advantage, LEDs have several variety of colors like blue, green, and red. It can also be adjusted based on the intensity of each LED to set the output of the lighting. Another merit from this lighting is it can be controlled by DMX as it does not require more dimmers. Because of its low power, LEDs can use only one power supply.

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