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300W RGBAL LED Fresnel in American Church

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Thanks to the soft light, big zooming scale adjustable, LED Fresnel spotlight is always one of the most popular LED lighting fixtures in church, no matter for church wedding or church religious activity. Today we would like to introduce a new church’s sanctuary project to everyone. Compared with the regular warm white 3200k or cold white 5600k, this time, client prefer our 300w full color, rgbal led fresnel spotlight with zoom.


In the beginning, the Fresnel product which client consulted was model TH-355300w ip65 rated rgbal led fresnel light with auto zoom. During the communication, we learn that the lights are mainly used in indoor for a church project, no must request to be ip65 waterproof. The One’s target is always produce and offer the best suitable products to customers. Under this circumstance, we don’t hard sell customer choose the not best one for him, but recommend client another more suitable model TH-353 300w full color ip20 indoor fresnel. Here, share the basic product descriptions to everyone at first: This THE ONE STUDIO's 300W full color RGBAL LED Fresnel Spotlight with zoom, there are two versions for choice: manual zoom and auto zoom. Led color is Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lemon, fully tuneable from 2,700 to 12,000K, similar to sunrise to sunset. Zooming Scale is widely from 15° to 50°, 4 kinds of dimmer curve, Standard, Incandescent, Quick and Linear mode. Frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25000 Hz, flicker-free on the camera. Install DMX512, also compatible RDM control system. 

TH-353 9

For this project, client don’t pick up the normal version, cold white or warm white because they want the Fresnel light can play more functions when use, but not just only one color. Based on different scenes request, they can adjust the color temperature they want; So this one is perfectly CTO 2700k-12000k, totally satisfy their requirements. In the picture, you can see the fresnel light are separately installed highly on the left and right side, doing the white at the podium to highlight the middle position, making a whole warm effect together with the blue, yellow, red, multi-color background. Image you are one of the audience sitting in the chair, people sing the songs, make performance, have a award activity on the sanctuary. These all will become the wonderful memory in our life. And the light effect will keep in our minds too. Besides this church project, you can also find other similar projects in our websites, such as Church wedding in Korea, more details, welcome to make a check. Or you want to find some suitable products for your projects, pls don't hesitate to contact our sales team.

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