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20W Led Leko Light for Art Gallery

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A mini led leko light favored by customers. The following is the most popular and top sell fixture Led profile spotlight of the last quarter:

mini leko light

The lighting case is designed by ourselves, with high quality fireproof aluminium die casting housing, with high grade appearance, sturdy and durable, corrosion-resistance and Oxidation resistance. Meanwhile, this model we can also do a white housing , so there is more than one kind of choice available to customers. At this moment, the black housing to get more customers like it. 

leko light

What's more, the led chip is Nichia from Citizen of Japan, with high CRI and bright effect, used Led tech, with more brightness and longer life time of 50000 hours. Die-casting aluminum housing with fanless cooling system, to make sure the led chip will not be too hot to be damaged. Can be remote control dimmer by controller, the longest distance for control is about 100m.

20w leko

With 4 pcs of shutter leaf, can make the perfect blackout with different shape.

Ellipsoidal light

Our high quality 20W Mini Profile Spotlight are up to the task. For museums and galleries, one of the most compelling benefits of Led lighting – beyond the enormous energy cost savings – is mitigation of damaging UltraViolet light emissions. LED reduce concern of deterioration from UV rays, because they have virtually no emission in the UV spectrum. LED lights also emit much less infrared (heat) than incandescent/halogen lamps, also eliminating risk of damage from a rise in temperature.

Anyway, LED leko studio light can be widely used in many different occasions. Any place you can use it if you want.

For more information on LED lighting products, please contact us now. THE ONE STUDIO IS dedicated to offering quality LED Studio & Stage lights with competitive pricing.

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