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Urgent Notice On Price Adjustment Of THE ONE STUDIO

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Urgent Notice On Price Adjustment

Dear customers:

Always thanks your kindly support and trust to our company. In

the spirit of quality first and customer first, we have been providing

high-quality products and services to every customer for many years,

and earn the recolonization by major clients.

However, recently due to the sharp increase

in raw material

prices, at first, in order to not affect customer's cost

of purchase and

sales, our company have reduced our own thin profit

space again and

again. But till now, the impact of the rising costs has made our

company really difficult to bear.

In order to better serve the customers for long time, in line with

the business philosophy of good faith service, common development

and quality winning. After careful consideration in many aspects, our

company decide that from now on, all new orders have to be quoted

again, and the previous prices are only for reference. If the raw

materials fall back in later period, we will also quickly follow up and

adjust the product quotations.

We sincerely hope this price adjustment can get your

understanding and fully support. If you have any questions, please

feel free to contact our salesman any time. We will also keep

providing the good quality products and service to all of you as a


Best wishes!

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Recently, our THE ONE STUDIO issued a price increase letter. Due to the shortage of upstream raw materials and the continuous increase in raw material prices, our company has decided to increase prices for all products.

In recent months, various material suppliers have issued notices of price adjustments. This situation has undoubtedly worsened the products of various industries, including the audio and lighting industry. When we examine this problem objectively, it is not difficult to find that apart from the fact that the epidemic has accelerated the global digitization process, which has led to an increase in the demand for chips in the entire market, more importantly, rapidly rising prices will also produce "overbought" phenomena. .

Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, various countries have begun to impose policy restrictions on the epidemic. In particular, the current situation in some regions is still severe, and even production has been suspended. This has led to a decline in the global semiconductor raw material production capacity to a certain extent.

studio lighting

On the other hand, due to the epidemic, the demand for online office and conferences has increased, which has increased the demand for related products. The global electronic product companies have increased their demand for chips, and due to the slow development of the domestic chip industry, China Electronics Product development still needs to rely mainly on imported chips. When the United States suppressed Huawei, Xiaomi and other companies, these manufacturers began to reserve a large number of chips in order to avoid the production and sales of their products, and even shifted from stocking quarterly to Stock up every year.

Our THE ONE STUDIO promise will kepp the high quality products to all of our customers . If you need led profile spotlight , led fresnel light , and led soft panel light , welcome to contact us . Thank you.

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