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Upgrade your studio light- Get your different lighting fixtures from THE ONE STUDIO

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The products from THE ONE STUDIO are perfect for any lighting needs. They can meet the demands of different environments such as the film set, the television studio, the theater and the professional photography studio and etc.


For the cinematography lighting and the TV studio lighting, we will design all our video lighting fixture with a very high CRI, up to 95-97 depending on the model. What’s more, some our fresnel lights will be designed with motorized light beam control, which can also be controlled by DMX.


In order to meet theatre lighting requirements, we have ensured a precise and smooth dimming. The light intensity can be adjusted with the utmost accuracy by choosing among four different dimming curves: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, quick mode and linear mode optional, the user is able to softly turn the light on and off even at very low values.

For professional lighting in extreme video shooting, all our LED video lights are perfect for very high-speed frequency. The dimmer frequency can be adjusted from 500hz to 25000hz, which can choose the suitable dimmer frequency for different situations.


On studio and photography sides, we make most of our LED studio lights with a color touchscreen interface, to speed up operations such as hue management and light beam control.


The optical system of our Fresnel LED lights is assembled with the best components made in China. The light beam of our fixtures can be changed from 15° to 50° and it shows no central hot-spot, meaning that light intensity is constant across the entire beam angle. This is essential in order to benefit from the whole illuminated area and to mix different light sources.

So any lighting you want , you can get them from THE ONE STUDIO , the high quality studio lighting fixtures and the best price that we will service for you. All of our products are with TWO YEARS warranty , welcome to contact us and test on our lights . 

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