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The One Studio - New Studio & Stage Light Showroom

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Our engineers consulted a lot of friends, visited many places, and combined the opinions of customers. This gave us a distinctive New Studio & Stage Light Showroom. Here's to share with you the effect of our new showroom.

leko light

In order to highlight the advantages of the LED Studio & Stage Lighting, and to make the lighting product more attractive to the customer's visual focus, to guide customers to focus on effect of the occasion, so we show the appearance of the product, Color Temperature, Color Rendering Index, Brightness, it has a special occasion effect.


This time, the new exhibition hall was re-arranged. The exhibition hall includes several large areas, including the front desk, product show area, and negotiation area. The effect of lighting on the display of the product will determine the overall atmosphere and grade of the exhibition hall. Show every kind of studio light product as perfect as possible.


Firstly, we have set up 12 shelf with Led Profile Spotlight SeriesLed Fresnel Spotlight Series and Led Video Panel Light on the bottom surface, which is convenient for customers to touch the housing material of products and control products by themselves. In addition, we have plus three portrayal on the wall, and using the Led Profile Spot Lighting’s cutting effect to switch out different shapes. You can freely switch to square, rectangular, fan-shaped, triangular and other irregular graphics. Meanwhile, we also used suspension to hang the product on a stand, simulate the stage, conference room and other occasions. Finally, we also purchased some retractable brackets to hang the studio and stage light products. Like the studio of TV station, customers can feel the effect when they visit our showroom. 

led fresnel light

Finally, we put a tea tasting table in the corner of the Showroom. After negotiating with customers about the good work, we tasted together some famous Guangdong tea, such as the Yingde black tea, lychee black tea, rose tea, and so on.

Do you want to attend the "art exhibition" in The One Studio
Just come and have a look at our new stage & studio light showroom! We will surprise you here!

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