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The One Studio New Showroom -- Part One

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The One Studio moved to a new factory in Zhaoqing in July 2021, address in Building C8-2#, Wanyang Zhongchuang Town, High-tech District, Zhaoqing, China. The scale is 3 times that of the previous factory. Therefore, the final design of the Show room took half a year, our engineers consulted a lot of friends, visited many places, and combined the opinions of customers, we make three different simulation scenarios have been done throughout the exhibition hall. Here's to share with you the effect of our new showroom. In the end, the desired effect was achieved, actually it was praised by many customers.

220w soft panel light

This time, I will introduce the first scene of a small TV Studio. The light position layout of the studio lighting layout includes the determination of the horizontal position and vertical position of each stage light, as well as the determination of the angle of the stage light. Small changes in the position of light will cause huge changes in studio lighting effects, and different lights need to cooperate with each other to avoid mutual influence. The following is an introduction to the light position layout of the TV Studio layout.

led profile light

Key light:

We using 4 pcs of 220W LED Soft Panel Light, the horizontal position is located in front of the host and the camera as the center line, the horizontal angle is between 0~20 degrees, and the vertical angle is between 0~20 degrees. Studio lighting needs to be carefully adjusted when arranging the key light so that the shadows formed can be effectively eliminated by the side and background lights. Once the adjustment is completed, it is fixed and will not change.

Side light:

2pcs 220W LED Soft Video Lights are used for the side light, which are located on the left and right sides of the host, and their positions are adjusted according to the horizontal and vertical angles of the main light. The larger the horizontal and vertical angles of the main light, the smaller the auxiliary light; The smaller the horizontal and vertical angles of the key light, the larger the fill light. In the studio lighting arrangement, the horizontal angle of the side light is 45~90 degrees, and the vertical angle is 5~20 degrees. It is carefully adjusted to reduce the shadow formed by the main light.

Background light:

The background light adopts 6pcs LED profile lights, and the number of lamps is determined according to the size of the studio background. The virtual studio uses a large number of background lights. The background light of the studio lighting arrangement is that the angle needs to be adjusted so that the background receives the light evenly, separates it from the subject, sets off the subject, and eliminates the shadow of the subject on the background, and the light intensity is adjusted according to the replacement of the background.

The light position arrangement of the studio lighting arrangement includes the determination of the position of the main light, side light, backlight and background light. It is necessary to adjust the position of different lights according to the content of the TV program and the actual situation of the studio, so as to improve the lighting effect of the studio and adjust the quality of the TV program.

Next time, I will introduce another two scenes to you, looking forward to our update.

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