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Rising of The One Studio

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led studio lighting

From stage light to studio light, The One Studio always keeps on developing our own culture brand and the patented core technology! That made us a small and unknown factory to become a famous and popular manufacturer. It' not easy for us to get here, with a long way to fight, here let's see what's the secret on our led studio light.

studio pro led lights

1.Insisted on the development of the own mold. Just look at the studio lights market, no matter the leko light, theater fresnel, even the photography soft panel light, most of them are using the same or similar housing. They are all the same and without any character. Only if we can have the different sell point or something special, we can win back our clients ! And that's why we used the high quality of alloy aluminum or die casting aluminum for the mold, not just are sturdy and durable, corrosion-resistance and Oxidation resistance and fireproof, but with high grade appearance.

led panel studio lighting

2. Bright effect and pure color temperature. It's important to choose a right studio light led chip for the equipment! It's easy to find a led lamp with bright effect, but it's not as simple to find a led lamp which is suitable for your lighting system, and provide the reliable long life time ! We go all over the world, and purchase the led from Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Taiwan, Hongkong and so on.. It's perfect match with our lighting system, so you can see our lighting now is with very pure color of 3200K or 5600K, it like natural sunlight and mimics the performance of tungsten fixtures. Their temperatures and tints can be tweaked to perfectly illuminate individual skin tones, so they look great in person and on camera. So you can use it in the ceiling light on stage, cat walk show, broadcast room and photo studio.

studio light price

3.High quality material and accessories. Except for the imported led lamp, we are also serious for the other small parts ! Even the inside cable, wire, fuse holder, power supply... All of these parts are pass the ETL certificate. For the cooling system, we use the no noise or low noise fan, to keep the light quiet for the theater, opera, broadcast room. As the display, I know you still have the digital screen or LCD screen in your fixture, but we make it better ! We have the light in LCD touch screen ! That means you no need the button or screen knob any more !

studio lighting equipment

4.Self-developed lighting program & mainboard. If the led lamp is the heart of of the person, then the lighting program is as important as the brain ! The dimming program of light is always the standard to measure whether the light is qualified. To complete our studio lighting system and make our lighting fixture more competitive, we hired a very professional software engineer from America with 20 year experience to design the dimmer, there are 4 kinds of dimmer curve: Standard mode, Incandescent mode, quick mode and linear mode. The frequency from 500 Hz ~ 25K Hz, and flicker-free on the camera, very suitable for all different kinds of event: stage, studio room, broadcast, museum and so on. Also we made our own driver board under the strict inspection from QC department. 

Great success comes with great responsibility, we will lead more other manufacturers that start to develop the studio light in LED tech, develop the high quality best led studio lights with competitive price, to grow and progress with all factories, then we can bring more and more new tech and products to all over the world, help our clients to decorate each performance. Let's build this beatiful future together. 

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