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Let’s show you how to make video for our led studio lighting

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If you already visited our homepage in YouTube , you will find some our products video are very profession and amazing . Maybe you will be wonder that how to make them . Now let’s show you how we make the video for our products.


Firstly , we hire a team of professional photographers to take and edit the video , they will concept the whole video accordingly our product features , how to show the best point and let you know the advantage of our product. And also they will think about how to coordinate the lights and shadow.


Perfect Light and shadow


Taking products photos

Secondly, the shooting kit, the photographers will come to our factory and take the video directly, because we are the professional manufacturer to proceed led studio lighting fixtures , so the photographers just need to bring camera with them is ok , for other lighting fixtures that for supplementary they will use our products directly , such as the face light, sidelight , backlight and etc. Using the 1920pcs*0.2w LED soft panel light for top lighting, another 2pcs more this video panel light and led fresnel spotlight for the face light, side light, and back light . And all the lights will be connect together by DMX cables , and setting them in different dmx address, so that we can control all of them by controller separately , because in some scenes some lights no need to put on , using the dmx controlled is very convenient. For the fresnel light and soft panel light , we choose them in bi-color , then we can also adjust the color temperature accordingly different scenes . 600W Bi-color led fresnel light with powerful output , so we don’t need to put too much quantity , with auto zoom which we can adjust the zoom range easily by dmx controller . After preparing all the lighting effect , the photographers begin to take the videos.


Lighting Preparing


Lighting Preparing

Lastly , after take the original videos, the photographers will back to their office and edit the video according our requirements . Then the perfect products video is finished.


If you want to see more of our videos , welcome to click our YouTube website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHldx245cKR5HpflngAcRXA

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